McIntire has been a part of Idaho County Fair since childhood
By Lorie Palmer
Idaho County Free Press
This year’s Idaho County Fair Spotlight article is on a person whose family name is practically synonymous with the fair.
Frank McIntire spent the first six years of his education at Woodland School then went on to Kamiah where he graduated from Kamiah High School in 1967. He then attended the University of Idaho where he studied animal science.
McIntire grew up with two sisters, Linda (Burnside) and Kathy (Hendrickson) and they all participated in 4-H throughout their lives.
“I started with a sheep project but wasn’t too keen on that,” he smiled. He then went on to stick with steer livestock projects and also took welding.
Directly out of college, McIntire became a 4-H leader. In fact, his 4-H skills have landed him more than leadership qualities and experience with children: He met his wife, Pam, when she was in his 4-H group. They were later married and will celebrate 37 years together in August.
The McIntire Family has its roots in Woodland and so did Pam’s family: Her grandfather had property there. Their children – Daniel and Lacey – grew up there and now their grandchildren enjoy the farm and ranch life. Four generations – which includes Frank’s mother, Anna – can often be seen four-wheeling, haying, running cattle, gardening and simply playing on the land they love.
Last year, that land was threatened as the wildfires were just a few hundred feet behind the McIntire’s home on Carrot Ridge.
“If it weren’t for the farmers digging a fire line, I don’t know what would have happened,” Frank shook his head.
A box of photographs still sits on the floor, ready to go.
“You try to think of the very most precious, irreplaceable items,” Pam said. This includes a cattle journal kept by the McIntires for nearly 100 years, handwritten with dates, names and notes.
Frank said 4-H gave him and his sisters a chance to not only learn responsibility, but also to learn and travel to various judging contests.
Daniel and wife Leslie (Behler) and their three children live in Cottonwood and Lacey and Mat Faeth and their daughter live in Ferdinand. The McIntire’s children and grandchildren are all involved in or have bene involved in 4-H and Ambassadors, and their family was awarded the Century 4-H Family Award in 2012.
Frank has been part of the Idaho County Fair Sale Committee for “more years than I can remember,” he said.
“[Idaho County Extension Agent] Jim Church said you basically have to die to get off the committee,” he laughed. As Pam is the fair secretary, the family spends many hours at the fair and working on fair projects.
Behind the scenes, the sales committee members – about seven in all – set floor prices and call potential buyers, thanking them for past patronage and asking if they will be buying in the coming year. If they are unable to attend the fair or would like the committee to purchase in their stead, that is noted. More than 300 buyers are usually contacted.
“The fair boosters have helped tremendously with all the details, too,” Frank said. 
Frank also served on the fair board for six years and had the honor, he said, of seeing many projects completed and buildings update while he was on the board. In his community he has also served on the school board and is currently on the Carrot Ridge Volunteer Fire Department. He and Pam attend the Woodland Friends Church and he is also on the cemetery board. In addition, he is on the Idaho County Light and Power board and is past president of the Idaho County Cattle Association.
“I believe in the 4-H program and I also believe in helping and volunteering where you can,” Frank said. “That’s something we have always done and we have tried to pass those characteristics on to our children.”
“We are proud to be a part of the Idaho County Fair,” he stated.

A recent photo of Frank McIntire along with one from when he was showing a steer at the Fair. Photos provided by Lorie Palmer.

Frank and Pam McIntire on their ranch. Photo by Lorie Palmer.

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