More 52-Pickup winners
The monthly 2014-2015 KC 52 Pickup (blue card) drawing was held at the June meeting of KC #1389.  The following winners picked up some cash: 
Week 43-Marlene Duclos, $50.00
Week 44-Ambrose Schumacher, $50.00
Week 45-Chris Wren, $50.00
Week 46-Ralph Sprute, $50.00
Week 47-Steven P Goeckner, $50.00
Week 48-Sally Duman, $200.00
Congratulations to all of the winners.  All of you should have received your winnings by now.  Thank you for supporting  the Knights of Columbus and our charitable projects.  We will finish drawing the blue card tickets in July.  Who will win the $500 grand prize next month?  Please join the fun and anticipation of our 2015-2016 drawing.  New tickets (green) are being sold now.  We will begin drawing these tickets in October.  Remember we will only sell 300 tickets.  Buy a chance to double your cash.  Please contact Joe Didier, Greg Sonnen, Jim Remacle, Max Nuxoll or any KC member for tickets.

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