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By:  Carla Wilkins
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An exciting opportunity beginning this semester is that our Workforce Training division has placed welding equipment at Grangeville High School and is offering both beginning and advanced welding training.  In addition, the Grangeville Outreach is offering twenty enrichment classes:
Beginning Welding
Tu/Th., 3/1 to 3/17
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $426
Eighteen hours of welding training in Grangeville offered by the Workforce Training Division.  Seats are limited. Call 792-2388 to register.
Advanced Welding
Tu/Th., 4/12 to 5/12
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Cost: $674
Thirty hours of welding training in Grangeville offered by the Workforce Training Division. Seats are limited. Call 792-2388 to register.
Pruning for Home Orchard Production
Mon, Feb. 8th; 6–8:30 pm
By: Mike Mount; Cost: $25
At: Grangeville 
Why prune an apple tree differently than a cherry tree? Come prepared for a hands-on workshop and learn proper pruning techniques for home fruit success. We'll teach you how to improve fruit size, quality and tree health. Training and pruning of small fruits will also be included. Learn how to prevent disease and insects with safe dormant sprays.  Bring your pruning shears!
Strip Rag Flannel Quilts
Wed., Feb 17th& 24th; 6-8:30 pm
By: Lu Eckhardt; Cost: $30
At: Kooskia
Who doesn’t love a warm blanket—especially one made just for them! Here’s a chance to make a personalized 54” x 42” strip rag flannel quilt which you will finish in class. Students must bring their own sewing machine and all supplies, a list of which will be given to you after registration.
Organic vs. Traditional Gardening
Mon., Feb. 22nd; 6-8:30pm
By: Mike Mount; Cost: $25
At: Grangeville
Everyone is trying to minimize pesticide use, but do you know what new pest resistant varieties of plants and nutrients are available to help? We’ll discuss organic gardening and it’s limitations vs. traditional methods in this 2 ½ hour class.

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