Gubernatorial candidate visits Grangeville
Paulette Jordan, democratic candidate for Idaho Governor and two term Idaho State legislator, stopped in Grangeville, Tuesday, April 11. On a tour to visit all 44 counties in Idaho prior to the May primary with her Policy and Research Writer, Nichole Solberg, a 2011 GHS graduate, an impromptu meet and greet was held at Crema Café.
Jordan is “the only rural candidate in this race,” a lifelong resident of Northern Idaho. She spoke of her vision for Idaho; resource development, a focus on education, and clean affordable energy renewables.
“I don’t believe in preemption of local control.” She said speaking of the 2017 state legislature passage of the law to remove cities’ and counties’ ability to ban plastic bags or raise their local minimum wage.
“No empty promises, here.  No politicking.”  The campaign will accept no corporate money.  “I’m not trying to buy this election, I’m earning it through respect.”
To learn more about Jordan’s positions, go to 
Early voting polls are open now at the Idaho County Courthouse.  Voter registration is available on-line at the Idaho County website or in room 5 of the courthouse.  Primary election is May 15.  To find your polling place, call your precinct captain or the Idaho County Courthouse at 208983 2751.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Paulette Jordan, right, was in Grangeville last Tuesday. She is shown with her policy and research writer Nichole Solberg, a 2011 Grangeville graduate. Photo by Michelle Perdue.

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