The LCSC Report
By:  Carla Wilkins
983-2164 to Register
We’re offering two summer classes! Please try to register early.  Instructors will often cancel if a minimum number of students haven’t registered by a certain date. 
Day Hike at Fish Creek
Sat. July 21st; 9-Noon
By: Dale Brege; Cost: $10
Have you ever wanted to go hiking, but didn’t have any idea where to start? We are fortunate to have thousands of acres of public lands for you to explore!  The focus of the class is on preparation for day hikes and a discussion of different trails and their difficulty levels. Students will then hike a 2.5 mile trail and we’ll identify plants and trees along the way. The leisurely hike will be suitable for adults and children over 10.
Day Hike at the Watershed
Tues. July 24th; 6-9pm
By: Dale Brege; Cost: $10
This is a 3 to 4 mile hike with some steeper terrain, this nature hike will include tree, shrub and flower identification, and will be suitable for adults and children over 10.

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