Pigtail Contest results
A total of 28 Children and 4 adults participated in the Annual Pigtail Contest at the Idaho County Fair  this year (2015)
Even winners are as follows:
Age Group 0-3
Longest—1stAva Klapprich Daughter of Heath and Tara Klapprich age  3  Length 8 inches; 2ndShyann Meyers  Daughter of Jessica Enneking  age  2  Length 6 ½    inches; 3rdBlakely Forsman  Daughter of Cassie and Stephanie Forsman age  1  Length 6 inches 
Shortest—1stBerkley Mundt Daughter of Brittney Mundt  age1  Length 1/4 inches; 2ndRuby Klapprich Daughter of Tara and Heath  age1  Length 3/4 inches;   3rdGiana Prigge Daughter of Emily Prigge age  1  Length 1 ½  inches 
Widest—TIE -1stBrylieForsman  Daughter of Bridget Forsman age  1Width ¼  inches. TIE - 1stLilyenna Lockett Daughter of Serena Locket  age  2  Width  1/8 inches. 2ndElla Enneking  Daughter of Kenneth  Enneking age  2Width1/8  inches;   3rdMcKenna Slichter  Daughter of Becky and Clancy Slichter age  1Width1/16  inches 
Age Group 4-5
Longest—1stSophia Wright Daughter of Renee Wrightage  4  Length 17 inches;   2ndBella Mundt  Daughter of Brittney Mundt age  4  Length 16 ½  inches;   3rdKenly Forsman  Daughter of Casey and Stephanie  age  5  Length 15 inches
Shortest—1stRegan Brennon  Daughter of Brennon  age  5  Length 5 inches;   2ndTinley Hibbard  Daughter of Wendy and Brent Hibbard age  4  Length 12 inches; 3rdAvery Schacher  Daughter of Scott and Mindy Schacher age  5  Length 14 inches 
Widest—1stAllie Rambo  Daughter of Jason and Megan Rambo age  5  Width1 ¾  inches . 
Age Group 6-8
Longest—1stMonica Geockner  Daughter of Jennie Geockner age  8  Length 18 inches; 2ndKalie Lockett  Daughter of Cassi Lockett  age  8  Length 14 inches;   3rdAndee Cegner  Daughter of Beth Cegner  age  6  Length 13 inches 
Shortest—TIE  1stPhoenix Lemus  Daughter of Bethany Henry  age  7  Length 7  inches; TIE  1stHaylee Schiess Daughter of Rebecca O’Neil  age  6  Length 7  inches;   2ndEvelyn Gehring  Daughter of Nick and Desiree Gehring age  6  Length 11 inches 
Widest—1stHarlee Brannon  Daughter of Andrea Brannon  age  8  Width 2 inches; 2ndAlaina Lustig Daughter of April Lustigage  7 Width 1 ½  inches 
Age Group 9-18
Longest—1stGloria Williams  Daughter of Kimberly Williams age  11  Length 33 inches . 
Shortest—1stPiper L. Parsells Daughter of April and Chad Parsellsage  10  Length 10 ½  inches . 
Widest—1stMiranda Klapprich  Daughter of Heath and Tara Klapprich  age  9  Width2 inches . 
Longest—  1stDesiree Gehring Length18 inches; 2nd  RebeccaO’neil Length 16 inches.
Shortest—1stMegan Rambo Length 15 inches.
Widest—1stEmily Prigge width 2 ½ inches
Most Unusual—1st place –Piper L. Parsells Daughter of April and Chad Parsells; TIE 2nd Place – Andee Cegner  Daughter of Beth Cegner; TIE 2nd  Place-Harlee Brannon  Daughter of Andrea Brannon; Tie 3rd Place-Ava Klapprich  Daughter of Heath and Tara Klapprich; Tie 3rd Place-Alaina Lustig Daughter of April Lustig
New Prioress Sr. Mary Forman
Shown are the 5 Most Unusual Competitors. Piper Parsells, second from right, was the winner with her birdcage.

The 0-3 year old competitors needed help from the moms.

The 4-5 year old competitors.

The 6 to 8 year old competitors.

The 9-18 year old competitors.

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