Richard Lane minsitry is inspirational
STANDING ON THE ROCK OF FAITH. Wow, that really says it all !  Internationally known Catholic Lay Evangelist Richard Lane, breathed the fire of the Holy Spirit into all of our Tri-Parish Community  during the mission at St. Maryís Catholic Church the week of March 4th through the 9th.  His presence made a difference from  the very beginning, as he began to spark interest through powerful words spoken at all the weekend Masses prior to the Mission.  People were very intrigued by his passion and energy, as he revealed a faith, filled with passion and love for the Gospel message. 
The theme throughout Lent is repent, and resist temptation. His mission was designed to help us transition through the desert places to reconnect us back with God, and to understand what our Faith is: theologically, biblically,  and personally.
Night One of our faith journey: Start where you are, use what you have, make something of it, never give up. If you donít stand for something, you will fall for anything. Night Two was about fear, what are we afraid of? F-E-A-R or False Evidence Appearing Real. The fear we are running from does not have any teeth!  He also reminded us of the (4) Mosaic rules: hear, remember, love and obey. Nights Three & Four were about healings, and that one must deal with your issues before your issues deal with you. We were reminded of the scripture reading when the woman with the hemorrhage,  filled with Faith thought, ďIf I only touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed!Ē. Healings can also be present for example in the gift of tongues, or a variety of other ways.  In past times, charismatic ways were shown to be one way to converse with God, by use of the Holy Spirit. To be charismatic should include:  announce the Lordís day,  and/or proclamation of the Good News, to speak of the glorious works of God the Father, and our response as  the hearers of the Word. Charismatics could be looked at as ďGodís SWAT teamĒ. There should be an action, access, and  authority. Another way to see His Hand in all and not to give up is this phrase: your setback is Godís setup for your comeback . Also one of the most powerful weapons we as Catholics  have at our disposal, is use of the Holy Water. Each night the Church was full. Richard was particularly impressed by the number of youth in attendance each night.
All were touched. Not a soul left that did not feel this electricity. The parish and Mr. Lane are already talking about a return trip sometime in the future with a different theme.
Julie A. Arnzen

Evangelist Richard Lane sharing his ministry with local youth. Photo by Julie Arnzen.

Evangelist Richard Lane at Greencreek. Photo by Julie Arnzen.

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