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The Junior Class Float

The Sophomore Class Float.

The Freshman Class Float.

Homecoming 2021 is in the books! The elementary school participated in Spirit Week: dressing up for three days.  The student council chose Wednesday’s theme of being a senior citizen. We had many creative outfits. Some students came dressed as their great-grand parents, some chose to dress in curlers and a comfortable robe, lots of grey hair was evident throughout the day. The staff made some interesting choices to show off their age! Thursday’s theme was all about the 1950’s. We had greasers, poodle skirts and bobby socks, guitars and a few “Pink Ladies.” Pirate Pride was Friday’s theme. Gearing up for the football game, the students had a morning assembly saying the pledge together and singing the Pirate fight song. We even had Pirate flag runners. Over 90% of the student body and 100% of the staff worn red, black and white to show off our school colors. Thank you to student council for picking fun themes for us to celebrate this homecoming tradition. Pictured from top down are the students dressed up as senior citizens, in 1950’s clothing and in the Pirate gear in the bottom photo. Photos by Megan Rambo.

Cheerleader Alex McElroy raced up and down the sidelines with the Pirate flag after each Prairie touchdown.










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