6th grade service project
What does it mean to be Responsible, Ready and Respectful? 
These are the three new goals at Prairie Elementary School. 
The entire student body is working towards meeting these goals every day. For the past 9 years the 6th grade classes have been involved in monthly service projects. Over the years they have learned how to “think beyond their nose”. In other words, think about others! Being of service to others, thanking people who work hard to make your life a bit easier, and understanding you can make a difference in other people's lives by small gestures are important life goals. 
The current 6th graders tackled their first service project: to make treats for some very special people. Cara Duman and Colleen Sonnen along with Jennifer Enneking, Lisa and Stephanie Riener helped the students make homemade pretzel bites and 4 kinds of flavored butters. The recipients of these treats were our 6 bus drivers, our custodian, our 2 cooks, our 3 office personnel, our maintenance man, our counselor and our school resource officer. Each one of these wonderful people enhance the lives of our students every day. Thanking them for a job well done is the Responsible, Ready and Respectful thing to do.  The students loved making, baking and bagging these treats while learning a few skills along the way. They thoroughly enjoyed the time spent on this project and were thanked by the big smiles and hugs they received as they delivered the treats. Teaching students to “Be the reason someone smiles today” is the best feeling in the world. 
If you have a service project that you think we might be interested in please contact Colleen Sonnen at Prairie Elementary School 962-3521. 

6th graders making the pretzels they will give away as treats to special people at the school. 

Alex Jones, Landon Riener and Sierra Oliver give Mrs. Forsmann, Cara Duman and Risa Mader their homemade treats.

Alena Lustig surprises her bus driver Gary Milliman with homemade treats. Photos submitted by Colleen Sonnen.

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