Lady Pirates clinch state berth
The Prairie Lady Pirates ended their regular season with a 3-game sweep of Kamiah Tuesday, Oct. 15 and then opened District play with a 3-game sweep of Clearwater Valley Monday, Oct. 20 at the LCSC Activity Center in Lewiston. That win clinched a berth in both the District Championship match Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m. and a berth in the State Tournament, which will be at Wendell Oct. 31-Nov. 1.
At Kamiah
Prairie dominated the match from start to finish against the last place Kubs, winning 25-7, 25-8, 25-6 at Kamiah on the Kubs’ Senior Night.
Hailey Danly served Prairie to a 7-0 lead to start the match with 4 aces plus 2 kills by Holli Uhlorn and another by Kayla Schumacher.
Chaye Uptmor had a 3-point service run and Natasha Gimmeson a 4-point one as the Pirates extended the lead to 17-4.
Danly finished off the game with a 3-point run that included 2 aces with Uhlorn scoring a kill.
Kamiah took their first lead of the night as they started the second game 0-2. Priarie came back to tie and Sarah Seubert served 4 straight aces to give Prairie a 7-3 lead.
Uptmor had a 6-point run that included 2 aces plus 2 kills by Krystin Uhlenkott and a kill and a stuff block by Shayla VonBargen as Prairie took a 14-4 lead.
After trading sideouts Gimmeson looked to serve out the match as she had 5 straight aces with her jump serve. 2 kills by VonBargen and 2 more aces later it was 24-5. VonBargen then appeared to score the game-winning kill but was called for being in the net. Kamiah added a pair of points before Danly scored the game-ending kill.
In the third game it was Schumacher who had a huge serving run as she took over at 2-1 and before she was done it was 14-1. It was mostly Prairie dominating at the net as Schumacher had 3 aces while VonBargen scored 4 kills plus a stuff and Uhlenkott added 3 kills.
At 18-4 Uhlenkott served up 5 straight aces before bricking on to make it 23-5.
VonBargen eventually scored the match-winning kill.
For the match VonBargen had 17 kills including 2 stuffs plus an assist and an ace. Uhlenkott had 11 kills, 1 assist and 5 aces. Uhlorn had 5 kills including a stuff. Schumacher had 4 kills and 3 aces. Danly had 2 kills, 19 assists and 7 aces. Gimmeson had 12 assists and 8 aces. Uptmor had 1 kill and 2 aces and Seubert had 4 aces.
Prairie finishes the regular season at 10-2 in league, good for a 3-way tie for first place, and 13-2 overall. If you include tournament matches their record is 20-5.
The JV team also swept Kamiah winning by scores of 25-12, 25-22, 16-14.
An ace each by Angela Wemhoff and Sierra Latimer plus 2 kills each by Mykaela McWilliams and Leah Higgins helped Prairie take a 7-1 lead to open the first game. 
Two aces by Darlene Gehring plus a kill by Josie Peery extended it to 15-5. From there Prairie cruised to the easy first game victory.
The second game was much more competitive as Kamiah jumped out to a 4-8 lead. Sydney Bruner served 4 straight aces to get Prairie back into the lead at 10-9.  From there the game went back and forth with Prairie taking a lead only to have Kamiah come back and tie it 6 different times. 
Kamiah finally broke through with a lead at 19-20 and again at 20-22.
A kill each by McWilliams and Wemhoff tied the score and Sam Remacle then served out the game with 3 straight aces.
In the third game Prairie jumped out to a 4-0 lead. After some back and forth action Prairie again held a 4-point lead at 10-6. At that point Kamiah rallied with 4 straight points to tie the game but could never take the lead. 
The final tie game at 14-14 but a kill by Bruner who then served an ace ended it.
Vs. C.V. at District
Prairie swept aside the Rams to clinch their first state berth in 3 years and their first berth ever in the District Championship match at the 1-A level.Krystin Uhlenkott pounds the ball over against C.V. at District. Also shown are Hailey Danly, Natasha Gimmeson and Holli Uhlorn.
Prairie won by scores of 25-12, 25-18 and 25-2.
The Pirates started slow in the opening game as the score was tied at 11-11 when Schumacher scored a kill for a sideout.
Danly went to the service line and served 8 straight points to give Prairie control. 3 of those points were aces while Schumacher scored 3 kills and Uhlorn added 2 more as Prairie took a 20-11 lead before C.V. could record a sideout.
Schumacher scored another kill to give Prairie the serve right back and Schumacher served out the game. She had 3 aces and Gimmeson added a kill as Prairie won by 13.
Prairie jumped out to an 8-2 lead in the second game with Uptmor serving 3 aces but C.V. was able to rally back and eventually pull within 1 point at 16-15.
Uhlenkott scored a kill to end that rally and added another for a 3 point lead. After a trade of sideouts, Gimmeson served 2 aces and VonBargen added a kill for a 22-16 lead.
Prairie eventually won it by 7 on a kill by Schumacher.
The third game was no contest as everything fell Prairie’s way. Schumacher scored on a kill on C.V.’s opening serve and Danly then served 13 straight for a 14-0 Prairie lead. Danly had 6 aces while Uhlorn scored 3 kills and a stuff and Schumacher added 2 more kills. The other point came on a rotation violation.
C.V. finally scored a sideout but Schumacher scored a right side kill on a nice back set from Danly and then went to the service line. 
Schumacher served 5 straight points to give Prairie a 20-1 lead then Seubert was subbed in for Schumacher and served 3 more points to make it 23-1. Each had an ace while Uhlenkott had 4 kills and Gimmeson and Mykaela McWilliams each added a kill.
A violation briefly gave C.V. the serve but Uhlenkott scored the kill to put McWilliams, who was called up from the JV for the tournament, on the service line. Seubert made a pass to VonBargen who tipped the ball over on 2nd touch for the match winner.
Schumacher had 16 kills and 6 aces in the match while Uhlenkott had 12 kills, 1 assist and an ace. Uhlorn had 8 kills including a stuff. VonBargen had 5 kills. Gimmeson had 3 kills, 15 assists and 3 aces. Danly had 22 assists and 10 aces and was the server for 24 points, nearly a third of Prairie’s total in the match. Uptmor had 5 aces. McWilliams had 1 kill and Seubert had 1 assist and 1 ace.
Prairie is now 14-2 overall and will face Troy Wednesday evening at 7:30 for the District title.
Kayla Schumacher goes for one of her 16 kills against C.V.
Holli Uhlorn makes a block against C.V.
Hailey Danly makes a pass. Also shown are Kayla Schumacher and Chaye Uptmor.
Chaye Uptmor makes a pass against C.V. Also shown is Kayla Schumacher.
Shayla VonBargen spikes the ball against C.V.

JV time is 6 p.m. with varsity to follow, except where indicated. 
C/JV/V matches start at 5 p.m.
  2-Lapwai*, there, won 3 games to 2
  4-Grangeville, there, 5 p.m., won 3 games to 0
  9-C.V.*, there, won 3 games to 1
11-Potlatch*, there, 5 p.m., won 3 games to 0
16-Genesee*, there, 5 p.m., lost 0 games to 3
18-Home Tri-match vs. Kamiah*, won 3 games to 0; 5 p.m., vs. Kendrick, 8 p.m., won 3 games to 0
20-Border Battle Tournament, won 2 of 3 matches and 10 of 15 games played
22-Grangeville here, Dig Pink, 5 p.m., won 3 games to 0
23-Troy*, there, 5 p.m., lost 0 games to 3
25-Lapwai*, here, won 3 games to 0
30-Troy*, here, 5 p.m., won 3 games to 1
  2-CV*, here, won 3 games to 0
  4-Genesee Tournament, placed 2nd
  7-Potlatch*, here, 5 p.m., won 3 games to 0
  9-Genesee*, here, 5 p.m., won 3 games to 2
14-Kamiah*, there, won 3 games to 0, details next week
20-22-District at LCSC, beat C.V. 3 games to 0 to clinch state berth; beat Troy 3 games to 1 for first District title since 2003, details next week
Oct. 31, Nov. 1-State at Wendell, will play District 4 runner-up at 8 a.m. Mountain Time Friday, Oct. 31 at Wendell High School.

JV games start at 6 p.m., varsity to follow unless indicated. 
*indicates league game
18-Highland, there
20-Lewiston J.V., there
25-Moscow, here, 5:30
  2-Potlatch, there*, 5 p.m.
  4-Genesee, here*
  6-Troy, there*, 1 p.m.
  8-C.V., here*
10-JV vs. Grangeville, here, 6 p.m.
11-Lapwai, there*
12-Grangeville, there, Idaho County Shootout, V only, 6 p.m.
15-Kamiah, here*
19-Grangeville, here
  6-Moscow, there, 5:30 p.m.
  8-Genesee, there*
10-Potlatch, here*, 1 p.m.
13-Troy, here*
16-C.V., there*
22-Lapwai, here*
24-Kamiah, there*, 1 p.m.
26-Asotin, here, quad, JV 3 p.m., V 6 p.m.
30-Highland, here*
Feb.  3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13 -District at LCSC
12-State Play-In #1 at Wallace
14-State Play-in #2 at Cascade
20-22-State at Nampa
Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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