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Redneck Review
No. 61 6/20/2016
Looks like we will have to wait ten years to find out who is right! Certainly the "Global Warming" - "Climate Change" advocates are very vocal lately, and are rather smug in their claim that they are right, and that anyone who dares question their conclusions is somehow unpatriotic and just plain stupid! Kind of reminds me of the claim the liberal young female Kirsten Powers made in her book "The Silencing" where she claims that the ILLIBERAL left is "killing free speech" because they will not tolerate any difference of opinion! Details of that book have been treated at length in reviews #6 and 57.
My new interest on this matter has been fueled by two or three recent letters to the editor in the Tribune, no names mentioned, that literally ridicule anyone who dares express an opinion not in keeping with the "politically correct" advocates of climate change.
Then in the 6/16 Tribune itself we see the article "Another summer inferno ahead?" on page 7A. A byline adds "California wildfires support predictions of rough year in '16." Right below it is the headline, "Rare, dangerous heat headed to parts of Western U.S."
Now you won't find here a claim that these articles are not correct! But comments in the second article seem a bit to strong to admit! First we read "Though accustomed to triple digits, the coming heat spell is a rarity in Phoenix. Temperatures are predicted to hit 118 degrees in Phoenix on Sunday, and peak at 119 degrees on Monday. 'Such heat is rare, dangerous and deadly' according to a National Weather Service warning."
But only one paragraph below, the article continues "The hottest day on record in Phoenix occurred June 26, 1990, when the thermometer reached 122 degrees." That is followed by the claim "Extreme heat is likely to become more common, scientists say, blaming man-made greenhouse gas pollution." Still later we read, "We should anticipate more and more of this extreme heat...it is what global warming looks and feels like" says Jonathan Overpeck, a University of Arizona climate scientist.
The problem is, not every one agrees with these conclusions. For example, a Google search entitled " climate change graphs" produces a site with six sources, and a section called "images." Clicking "view all" one sees hundreds of graphs. If you look through these graphs to find ones which go back thousands of years to our last glacier period, and from then to now you will see very warm or hot periods followed by cool or cold periods, the last entitled "Little ice age" not that long ago historically. A number of them include the impact of CO2 emissions, and still show a declining temperature in the next several decades. It is true that many short term graphs show a recent warmer period, but off setting that are also many which show projected declines in temperature in the future.
A 2014 book entitled "Dark Winter" by John L. Casey, Director of the Space and Science Research Center, claims that changes in the suns activity is the main cause of temperature changes, and cites documented source after source that we are facing a serious cooling in the future, beginning shortly, and reaching its lowest temperatures around 2030. And also a further Google search "OISM petition project" lists the names of over 30,000 scientists, with many PhDs, who disagreed with the Kyoto Protocol blaming man caused global warming!
So it looks like we wait to see who is right! But I for one have more faith in natural cycles and the good Lord, than to believe that the use of carbon based fuels can destroy the earth!
Jake Wren

Seeing the crop identification signs from Winchester to Grangeville along Highway 95 is such a pleasure.  Apparently the signs are sponsored by various state or local ag organizations and the USDA.  The signs also carry the slogan Know Your Farmer, Know Your Crops, presumably raising awareness of the variety and importance farming holds here. My appreciation to those local people who have placed and are maintaining the signs; much appreciated.  Iím sure many residents & visitors driving the highway enjoy knowing exactly what crops are out there in those vast tracts of farm fields.
Frances Conklin
Cottonwood ID 

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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