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Break the Golden Rule or Avoid Government ‘Philanthropy’?
May 28, during life flight, and again these past 5 months, I was encouraged to sign up for government ‘philanthropy’.  “After all”, they say, “this is a case for which the programs were ‘started’ (even though the money is mandatorily collected from neighbors and not by donations)”.   Can I love my neighbor (live by the golden rule) if I unnecessarily enlist in ‘government’ programs that take from my neighbor’s earnings?  No, I cannot.  His earnings, if honest, are his.  No one else’s.  They are fruit of effort and toil put towards the 1st natural law of life: self-preservation…food, clothing, shelter, quality of life.  
I’ve never understood why, if I take money from my neighbor it’s called stealing, but if ‘government’ takes money in my behalf, it’s called ‘compassion’.   Further, at the time of reckoning will the Governor or Legislators stand before the Almighty in my behalf?  Will Congress or President stand before the Almighty in my behalf?  I think not.  I will stand alone at that day with only the woven fabric of my character due to my choices I made and for which I alone am responsible.  Consequently, I think I’d rather mortgage all that I have rather than enslave my neighbors, or stand before the Almighty and say,” I thought you needed a government bailout” and “because it was legal, I broke the golden rule” (note: on the latter point this is not a Christian question, as I have found the ‘golden rule’ rendition in Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Judaism, Taoism, and yes, with good atheists).  
Scott Perrin
Cottonwood, Idaho

Redneck Review!
No. 237 - 11/11/2019
Returning to the claims made here from RNR 232 up to 235, that a "Pied Piper" has been piping some very questionable "facts" about global warming, is it now not time to consider again what a single individual could do about that issue and the other threatening problems thrown at us every day, listed at length in RNR #235? Oh, yes! The "Piping" does continue! Just look at the cartoon picture printed on editorial page 2F of the 11/10 Tribune! There you see a 4 by 6 inch picture of over 100 little cartoon people jammed into the rectangle, with two captions in black inserted into the picture for explanation:  The top one said,   quote: "Irony on the day that 11,258 scientists declared a global climate emergency...", while also at the bottom in a similar black insert, we read: "... while one narcissistic nincompoop pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Deal." 
And who is the "narcissistic nincompoop" ridiculously  pictured?   Our president:  Donald Trump, with a distorted face, a long red tie dragging the ground, hands in the air, yelling "It's a hoax!"  Well, congrats to the Tribune for another "fair and balanced" discussion of the issue!
Why, may I ask, have they never mentioned the "Global Warming Petition Project" linked to the faculty and staff of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which lists by state 31,487 scientists, including 9,029 with PhDs? The Petition reads "We urge the U. S. government to reject the global warming agreement written in Kyoto, Dec. 1997...proposing limits on green house gasses..." The Petition goes on to say "There is no convincing scientific evidence...that such gases...cause catastrophic heating..."  The actual site with the lists of the names by state is easily documented by a Safari search:  www.oism.org.  Other search engines used in the past would give me the same, but difficult if not impossible to use today! Censored??? 
I say here:  Hurray for President Trump!... and BOO!... to the claimed "unbiased" press! And I compliment the reader who mentioned this site some weeks ago, and was tagged immediately by another reader as naive!  Hey!  Let's see the list of names of the claimed 11,258 above!
This gets us right back to the question: What can a concerned individual do about this current situation? In addition to the appeal for prayer made here the last couple of reviews, it is very clear THAT A PERSON MUST BE INFORMED!  Bluntly, the overwhelming bias of 90% or more of our press and TV news continues to paint a disastrous future for the use of the now abundant fossil fuels found even in the United States!  Hey!  WE WERE TOLD in 1960 that they would be exhausted by 2000!  Embarrassing! By the same doomsday prophets that  now tell us their use will destroy us!  BUNK!  The entire agenda of such individuals is to get us to adopt the historic FAILED system of SOCIALISM which would give a so-called ELITE the power of government to force us back to far more primitive standards of living!  Venezuela is a current example of what happens in just 50 years to a wealthy country that falls for the lure of SOCIALISM as being sold us today by oodles of politicians, who, of course, want to be president, so they can SAVE US!
So, concluding!  First, DO NOT FALL for the current rage that individuals can do nothing! It is simple! If even an additional 25% of concerned American would decide to get involved, to get INFORMED, and to increase prayer life, miracles of change could occur almost overnight! And the alternative is scary!  We are IN A WAR, and the opposition is far more involved and more focused than most of us who quietly go on minding our own affairs and business.  Disastrous! And if interested in the best book I have ever read pinpointing the problem and what can be done about it, contact me!  See info below!  Bulk price!  $5 for a $15 book on Amazon! 
Jake Wren
PO Box 355 
Cottonwood ID 83522     

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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