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Redneck Review!
No. 194 - 1/7/2019
A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers!  And quickly added here is that greeting includes the hope and prayer that our coming year will find our country still intact and plugging along despite all of the problems which hit us by the minute and by the hour!
That prayer includes the hope that our border security can be solved in an intelligent and fair way, avoiding extremes on either side which have us today locked in a standoff!
On the one side are those who simply want to close the borders entirely, keeping all who want to come here OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!  Recognizing that everyone has a right to their own opinion, which all should respect, the thought and belief here is that position is not defensible!  We are, after all, a nation of immigrants, and not only should we continue to welcome those who come here for the right reasons, but should remember also that the strength of this nation has been continually enhanced by people who have come from other countries.  Thus we welcome those who come here for the right reasons!
The other side it is argued here, is the more dangerous one!  It is the claim of the ONE WORLDERS, supported by a United Nations agency, that the entire world is open to everyone, that anyone, anywhere, has the right to go to the place on earth they choose! Uninhibited and unobstructed!  The logical conclusion here is that ANYONE should be allowed to come into any country including our own at this time, anytime they choose! Any one, any group, any mass caravan, can enter anytime! This RNR position is that claim is RIDICULOUS!
A challenge is sent today to any and all who passionately back this position!  Would you, personally, allow any stranger to enter unchallenged your home today?  And maybe bring a philosophy of life totally different to the one you and your family have lived all your lives?  Especially if you find that the entering person believes strongly that your beliefs are alien to theirs, and they have in the past taught that  they have the right and the duty to eliminate or destroy those who do not accept their beliefs?
Of course not it is maintained here!  Therefore, this is the acid test for those adhering to this second position!  Forget arguing that the southern border should be open to all who simply want to enter.  Imagine instead you and your family and your school and your town are there!  Would you then with open arms accept people by the dozens or hundreds who simply want to move in with you or at least into your neighborhood, without making any commitment to respect your way of life?  I SAY NO, IT MAKES NO SENSE!
It is therefore claimed here, that ANYONE who wants to come here, has to be willing to go through our citizenship steps, must be willing to learn our language, must be willing to prove that they will work hard, pay taxes, and not be a drain on our economy!  America is not so rich that we can bring in thousands and more of people who simply want to set up their own way of life here, live off of our overly generous welfare system, have free access to our health care system and our schools.  And we certainly cannot allow those individuals to come here if they have records of criminal activity, or are committed to a way of life that wants our destruction and our Christian heritage as one of their goals!  INSANITY IS THE ONLY CLAIM THAT CAN DESCRIBE THIS ATTITUDE!   AND, by the way, space dictates the end of this radical NEW YEAR TIRADE!     HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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