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Dear Editor
I continue to be amazed at how many people fail to differentiate between LEGAL immigration and ILLEGAL immigration. They seem to think President Trump wants to stop all immigration when in fact he only wants the border wall to control the illegals. The media whose primary purpose is to discredit the president in every possible way add to the confusion by often using "immigration"  for either the legal or illegal forms. Of course "illegals" is no longer a politically correct term but regardless of what they are called they are a tremendous burden on all of us especially the southern border states. Let's secure our border. Finish the wall now.  Thanks
Lucky Brandt

Redneck Review!
No. 198 - 2/11/2019
How long is a lifetime?  Or one might ask, what is the anticipated life time of a nation? Both of these questions pop into my mind, thinking of the topic for this week's article!
Back in my 1950's high school and college days, the life expectancy of males was about 62 or 63, with the female  being a bit higher!  Today we keep hearing that males live to about 78, with again the female living a bit longer. A person might ask, what accounts for  the additional 15 or 20 added years? No attempt at this time to answer this question!
But it will be asked what does history tell us about the life expectancy of a typical nation?
With this question in mind, it is the intent of these next three reviews to examine three areas which might help supply answers to the above question. The three areas involve economics, politics, and finally religion, morality or culture. Today a look at what changes have incurred in ECONOMICS that might hint at an answer to the question above!
Back in  reviews 10 -15, a lengthy look was taken at evidence which exists concerning the life expectancy of nations.  Bluntly, the sources cited can maybe best be summarized by another look at Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor who claimed about the same time that our Constitution was adopted, that "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It continues to exist until voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the treasury. From then on,  the majority votes for the candidate who promises the most benefits...with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy."  The collapse would take from 200-250 years, and would involve this cycle. "From bondage-->to spiritual faith--> to great courage-->to liberty-->to abundance-->to complacency-->to apathy-->dependency -->back to bondage.
His claim that the average democracy would last only 200-250 years was well supported in those and later reviews by Congressman Davy Crockett, who claimed government money was "Not Yours to Give" to charity, and by Frederik Bastiat in THE LAW, which claimed that LEGAL PLUNDER,  theft by government making legal taking from producers, by force, and giving to non-producers involved a REVERSE ROBIN HOOD effect. Simply that many who receive the gifts or grants were better off than many of the folks who paid into the system!
Repeatedly over the years in these reviews, it has been argued that common sense, history and current events prove conclusively that governments which begin giving away tax income are doomed to collapse.  Examples are numerous!  A simple one takes a look at a typical six cylinder motor.  Running smoothly with power to burn when all six pistons are performing, the car slows down and eventually comes to a halt if one, then two, or even as few as just three of the pistons fail to function.  A common sense argument says that an economy must be much the same.  When 10%,  20%, or up to 50% of the people are either working for the government or living off of its gifts, that eventually collapse is certain!   And a thinking person must admit that our own nation, now over 250 years old, dating back to the 1776  Declaration of Independence, has been near or even over that 50% of its citizens, those either working for the generously giving government or living off of its gifts!
And Venezuela today, and ample examples in history exist which prove the same! 
Jake Wren
Editorís note: The above is the RNR that was supposed to run last week. We somehow reinserted the previous weekís column instead.

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