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To the Editor
Dear Editor:
I’m glad to know that Trump is not considered “the prayerful considerate people in Idaho County’s Savior,” but rather, as Bonnie said in her Letter to the Editor last week, that Jesus Christ is your Savior.  
It is the same Jesus Christ that gave us the Ninth Commandment:  “Thou shalt not lie.”  My parents (and I’m sure yours), as well as the Benedictine nuns, taught me that commandment.  They would have washed my mouth out with soap if they had caught me lying.
Now we have a president who feels he is above Christianity and doesn’t abide by it.  According to reputable reporters at both The New York Times and The Washington Post who have been documenting it, from January till the end of July he has lied approximately 115 times.   The few days he hasn’t lied are when he’s been absent from twitter, vacationing at one of his resorts, or out golfing.  Why have “the prayerful considerate people in Idaho County” turned a deaf ear to his lies?
If you search for truth, Bonnie, as you said in your Letter, you can hardly find it from Trump, and if you support your leader or president, no matter who it is, then my guess is that you would have also supported Nixon and Hitler.
Joan Kopczynski
Spokane, Washington

Dear Editor
Clearwater County is considering dumping their building ordinance. Good for them. An article in Tuesdays Tribune on the subject referred to my dad, Grampa John Brandt, as a gun-toting protester. Private property rights were very important to him along with the rest of our liberties including right to bear arms and he did protest the loss of any freedom. However, he was not gun-toting. He never owned a gun and I never saw him touch one.
40 years ago Dad and a few others led the battle to keep Idaho County free of building permits. I believe we have done well letting the owners control their private property. Most people build to reasonable standards anyway and property values are at least equal to surrounding counties. Dad liked to say,"Idaho County is what America was." I hope Clearwater County chooses to join us. Thanks.
Lucky Brandt

Redneck Review!
No. 121 - 8/14/2017
Let's try to make some sense about the things that are happening in our world and in our country today. And at the same time, be reminded of lessons that history can teach us!
First, "Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them."Second, "You have to know the past, to understand the present, and to predict the future."
And we might also give some thought to another phenomenon that shows up repeatedly in history.  That observation tells us that a large and significant number of people tend to latch onto a person or idea which becomes popular at the time. Once that adoption is complete, the followers, like sheep, will tag along in support of ideas they would not even think of in amore intelligent and thoughtful time. My own conclusion here, but I claim it is true!
Consider the German people as one example!  Normally a brilliant and logical group, we note that somehow, Adolf Hitler managed to mesmerize a huge segment of their society, and eventually convince them to do things no normal individual would consider allowing to happen!  The millions of Jews, men, women, and children, lured into gas chambers, where they died horrible deaths, lost the gold in their teeth to the guards, then were dozed into
mass graves is probably one of history's most vivid examples!
But there are others!  WWI, with its months of trench warfare, where weekly gains and losses were measured in yards, with soldiers living in trenches filled with mud, and blood, and dead body parts, yet still willing to attempt the next suicidal move through bullets and barb wire in the next ordered attempt to take the next trench.  Read  ALL IS QUIET ON THE WESTERNFRONT, considered by literary experts to be one of the most realistic of all war novels, to get a true picture of what that war was all about!  That despite the fact that individual soldiers and people from both sides often came together and shared moments of realization that the entire war was insane and made no sense!
And how does the history of socialism compare to the remarkable progress made in our own country since its birthday in 1776?  Study the following examples to get clues from the past!
Consider the post WWII history of Berlin and Germany. Divided after the war between the free enterprise allies in  the western portion and the Soviet socialists controlling the eastern part, what was the result?  The record shows that the Communist east had to build a wall to prevent their workers from leaving their "worker's paradise" and fleeing in every way possible to their western neighbors who were more free and economically so much better off.
Or the amazing progress made by Hong Kong during its 100 years of freedom from Communist China before it was absorbed back into that country in the 1990s, Tens of thousands of citizens in the Communist mainland voted with their feet annually, leaving for the freedom and prosperity offered them by the small and crowded but free city of Hong Kong.
The historical record testifies to the same experience in Cuba and in Venezuela today! 
So why has socialism with its past failures become so popular in our country and around the world today? Could it be that we have failed to note those past failures, or have closed our eyes to their record? Are we doomed to repeat those tragic results because we follow a modern pied piper who will cost us our freedom and lead us to economic ruin?  What do you think?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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