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To the Editor,
Fake Sheriff  - Fake Prosecutor  - YOU could be next 
There continues to be cases pending under the abuse and overreach of unrighteous power exercised by Giddings - who thank the LORD has now been voted out by a LANDSLIDE. Yet “Special Prosecutor” Scott Olds apparently has NOT gotten the message and is still doing this LAME DUCK GIDDINGS bidding in a case wrongly started by Giddings deputies. I am the victim of a FAKE trespass case perpetrated by Giddings in his desire to dominate any citizen that is against him. Giddings abused his power and authority over many righteous law abiding citizens and OLDS is still allowing this to go on.
YOU could be next. Adam Green knows the complainer, so DA McGregor punts the case to a "Special" prosecutor and thereafter says he has NO authority or duty on the case and cannot monitor or control what OLDS does. How can that be? Did we not elect a DA to be in charge? What kind of loophole is this and who is paying the bills? (hint = we are)
Scott Olds has NO case against me because I NEVER trespassed. He will NOT settle my case. The case is an infraction with a $400 fine and Scott Olds has lined up multiple witnesses that will take ALL day if not DAYS in court trial, throwing away your TAX PAYERS dollars for an infraction that NEVER happened.
The ONE complainant calling in OVER AND OVER with a personal vendetta against me for FAKE trespass who bragged she could get public officials to do “…whatever she wanted". Guess that turned out to be true. Is this what we want  here in Idaho county mob rule? Any one with "connections" calling in FAKE charges against you? Forcing you to fight for your life, the burden of Trial and facing JAIL time and draining your pocket book as well your fellow Tax payers?
The courts are all RIGGED with FAKE judges. I sued Giddings and Olds for violations of my Civil Rights and the federal district judge dismissed the case because he claims they have IMMUNITY from being sued! Right and wrong and due process? Doesn’t matter. They get a lawyer paid by us to get them off with a fake and lawless loophole ruling. I know many others have bad experiences with Giddings – they have told me. I urge any or all of you to call MacGregor and Olds and tell them to drop this wasteful and wrongful persecution.
Melina Palken
Letter to the Editor
Restore Due Process and Fairness Here at Home
So those that read the letters here may know I was a vocal opponent of the soon to be ex-sheriff. There was a very good reason. Mr. Giddings caused massive grief and hardship to a close loved one, and then acted against her when she complained. I believe he misused the power of his office for personal motives. Since I became “publicly” involved, I have heard that same story from others, but I digress.
The end result of this action was a BOGUS trespass charge for riding on a remote Elk City road everyone uses, which turned out to be “private.” Or so they claim. The complaints were made by one person who bragged about her “relations” with county officials. Well she was correct, as somehow three Deputies came up and issued TWO tickets solely on her say-so – and get this – the alleged trespass did not even occur on her property! It did turn out that this complainer had relations with at least one county official - Adam Greene - as the case was sent to a so-called “special prosecutor,” one Scott Olds.
Well that was fine; she promptly provided Mr. Olds with PROOF that she had the blessing and permission of the other owners to ride on the road (not on their homesteads) and never intended to and in fact never did trespass. That was SIX months ago and Mr. Olds is still pressing forward with this bogus persecution. In fact now he wants to bring sheriffs deputies, county “mapping experts” and numerous witnesses to a whole day trial where the maximum penalty is $400! And to make matters worse, Mr. Olds filed FIVE more charges based on the exact same incident, seeking JAIL time! This is coercive and wrongful conduct by ANY prosecutor.
But again I digress. Don’t we have enough real problems to work on? Do we have unlimited tax money to pursue law abiding citizens in a political vendetta and bogus prosecution? Mr. Green was just quoted in the “backyard chicken” affair as how enforcement means more hours, increased costs, and bigger burdens on law enforcement. Don’t we have an elected prosecutor to look into that? Apparently not – Mr. MacGregor claims he has NO authority or duty to supervise, manage or control a “special prosecutor” appointed at his request! The State AG has been requested to weigh in, but so far they also claim NO authority or duty to monitor a “special prosecutor”. In the meantime, this is how your tax dollars are spent (wasted) folks. Do me and everyone else a service – call Mr. MacGregor’s office and tell him enough is enough!
Joshua Palken

Redneck Review!

No. 271 - 7/6/2020
Corona Pandemic or Economic Collapse?  Of which of the two should a person be most concerned?  The claim of this article is that the second one will cause the most problems in the future,  will persist the longest,  threatening the way of life we have enjoyed in the past.
True, the Corona virus is not going away!  Despite the unprecedented war governments at the federal and state levels have waged against this new problem plaguing both America and the world, the virus is going to sneak up and attack people and areas that seemed safe for a time.  Like the flu, even developing new effective vaccines will fail in the future at times, because of mutations in the virus, like with the flu, means  that one successful vaccine may work with one variation, but be totally worthless with new adaptions.  So the Pandemic will cease to be a problem when citizens in general have developed an immunity to the virus overall.  Like as has happened in the past, lives will be lost, taking the most vulnerable, those who are older or in one way or the other are suffering with some other condition.
And it is noted here, that despite the mind numbing number of articles about "New Spikes," and "Economic roll backs", the facts are that the ratio of deaths to confirmed cases has been declining!  Do not take my word for it!   Find any reliable source that gives you an update on a regular basis, and you will find that the U.S. ratio has dropped from around 6% to barely 5%, while in Idaho it has declined from around 3% to around 1%.  Think about it!  In our state, only roughly  ONE of every 100 who have been designated as having the virus has died... and to be honest about it, many of those have had other complicated problems.  So the attempt to stop Corona in its tracks has not succeeded, and will never totally eliminate the problem. Do your own research, and you will find all of the above to be true!
Meanwhile, what about the impact on our economy, and thus our economic way of life?  Again, sufficient research will tell you that we are definitely in serious trouble!  Personally, it would be far more pleasant to me to claim good news ahead, but in all honesty that would be an outright lie! My long researched opinion is that we have seen nothing yet, and the future concern will be much more about the economy than the Corona. For what they are worth, here are my concerns!
1) A change in our federal government in November!  Despite the absolute proof found in history, and the documented results of the socialist experiment  in Cuba, Russia, currently Venezuela, and scores of others, PLUS the simple matter of common sense and simple logic, socialism will need only 50 or so years to put our overfed Americans in starvation mode.  Count on it!  IT WILL HAPPEN!  And why? Because our press and far too many of our intellectuals in government and education are, like the Pied Piper of old, leading trusting and unaware young and some old alike into a starvation and poverty trap! It will happen if the backers of this failed system convince enough "Never Trumpers" to vote that way! So our future is in the hands of the voting citizens... they will choose the fate of all of us!
2) Our economy!  We are in the very late stages of financial collapse!  On my shelves and in my Nook and Kindle electronic libraries, I have over four hundred read books on history and economics, and the picture that is eventually painted is that OUR NATION LIKE A DRUG ADDICT IN LATE STAGES, is experiencing a death rattle at this present time.  IT WILL HAPPEN.... but do not ask me when!  Only that it is inevitable, because the momentum has been moving in that direction for over 100 years! UNLESS, the improbably happens, and we somehow reverse that long downhill trend, by demanding less government, more personal effort, fewer abortions, less hate, and a return to the Greatest of all Commandments, of the Son of God, Himself, Jesus Christ! "Love God with your whole heart and soul, and your neighbor as yourself!" LOVE!  All our neighbors!  "Black, brown, yellow, red or white" as the old Up With People used to preach! So if you care for our country and your own future, VOTE TRUMP, for Constitutional judges, and REDUCED government! And hopefully, an end to the horrible scourge of ABORTION, the most heinous crime of all ages!    
(Reasons #3  and #4 continued next week.)
Jake Wren











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