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To the Editor,
Just one question for Allan Kearney. How do you square your "Democratic Socialism with my "Unalienable Rights"? And in defense of Jake Wren we should applaud him for his understanding our Republican Form of Government and his tenacity to share what America was founded on and what it was not
Jim Chmelik

To the Editor,
Hey!  A response to a RNR in the Chronicle!  Good news for anyone who takes the time to submit letters or articles like I have done now over 257 weeks!
So I compliment and thank Allan Kearney for his comments on an earlier RNR in which it was hinted that Bernie Sanders was a socialist!  Kearney responded with "Jake Wren's incorrect version of Bernie Sander's style of socialism...forced me to respond.  Jake is saying Bernie is a Socialist which is untrue. He has never said that.  He has said that... he is a Democratic Socialist which is different... altogether."  Read the 3/26/20 letter of his in the Cottonwood Chronicle for the rest of Kearney's story!
Later in the letter Kearney added: "Get it straight Jake, I suggest you take a course in Political Science since you clearly do not know what socialism actually is...at least Google it before giving your opinion in public...or keep on as you will...even if it is blatantly wrong."
Thanks again for your comments Allan!  I respect your opinion.  But for the record I did "Google it..."  and found much to claim his support of socialism.  But I stand my ground and still claim, he would not be good for America.  As the old saying goes, "If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck....IT IS A DUCK!"  So following are just a few of tons of facts about Bernie that label him as a believer in Socialism!
1) Well known is the fact that Bernie has visited Russia and has returned in the past with glowing praise of that country,
2) It is common knowledge that just a few years ago, Bernie was touting Venezuela as a model for the U.S. to follow.
3)The following summary of Venezuela's recent past history is easily verified, and I quote from a reputable source:
"1992 - Venezuela became the 3rd richest country in the Western Hemisphere.
  2001 - Venezuela voted for a Socialist president to address 'income inequality.'
  2004 - Private healthcare is completely socialized.
  2007 - All higher education becomes free.
  2009 - A Socialist ban on the private ownership of guns.
  2012 - Bernie is quoted: 'Venezuelans are living the American dream better than Americans.'
  2012 - Opposition leaders imprisoned.
  2016 - Food shortage becomes widespread.
  2017 - Constitution and elections suspended.
  2019 - Venezuelans are massacred by their own government! "
Finally I add a statement made by Russia's Krushchev prior to his visit here in 1959:
"We cannot expect the Americans to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of Socialism, until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."
So, I say Bernie: "The duck is still quacking!"  And I do not want your brand of socialism here!
Jake Wren

Redneck Review!
No. 257 - 3/30/2020
The word INVESTMENT has appeared repeatedly in last RNR's!  First, was the effort one individual made in a primitive community,  building a labor saving method of getting water to the community. As the plot unfolded,  that individual, willing to spend extra time to finish the ditch,  became much better off after it was completed, not just because it saved him valuable time (6 hrs/day obtaining water), but it made him even more better off than his fellow households who agreed to give him an extra 2hrs/day for free use of his water!
As suggested in the example, not only did A, the household who built the ditch end up with a daily need of only 6hrs/day instead of the original 18, but also the work load of B,C, and D dropped from 18 to 14 as they could now get the water needed for the 2 hours they gave to A to obtain the necessary water! So easy to see how much better off the entire community is! 1)Much better off as their daily effort to survive has been cut 4hrs each day! 2)Note that the former EQUALITY that existed prior to the ditch's completion has been replaced by serious INEQUALITY, since the time INVESTED by A now requires only a 6hr day! A reality which occurs every time an INVESTMENT makes one person much better off IF his effort is freely chosen by others who are convinced they too are better off than before!  A reality which for some reason a typical socialist like many of the hopeful candidates for president this year do not understand, nor maybe want to!  Sorry people, that is the reality which has made our country the riches in history and on earth today, and hated by many who would willingly have us use the system which has reduced once wealthy Venezuela to starvation status In 50 years!
But with the sudden problem of CORONAVIRUS threatening us more each day, the word INVESTMENT was returned to in another way last review!  The question was asked there: "Is there anything an individual can do to impact the future?" The answer proposed there at the time was "a resounding YES!"  The Bible was referenced, with our Lord saying prayer with "sufficient faith can move mountains!"  Additional Biblical examples could have been cited, like God telling Abraham he would spare Sodom and Gomorrah If "five good men could be found" (ten in some translations), and we all know what happened to these unfortunate cities!  Does it not require us to ask, "Could Coronavirus have been prevented if just a few more of us had earnestly prayed in the past for God to ward off tragic future events?  Or might it not also be asked, "Could the problem it causes today be solved or at least be reduced in the disaster it causes both individuals and countries, and in fact, our entire world?"
Yikes!  Maybe an even more pertinent question might be asked of those of us who live in this country today, America as we know it and as it has appeared in history:  "Have we as a nation drifted far from the Christian heritage which pervaded our early history with its belief in God and HIS son Christ, the Ten Commandments, and the command to "Love God with your whole heart and soul and your neighbor as yourself?"  Is it a  fact that we as citizens have perhaps turned too much of a blind eye to the reality that our nation since 1973 has casually allowed the slaying of around 60 million potential citizens of our nation,  tiny babes in the womb at  the rate of over 3000 each day since that ugly date? Think about it!  Are we really any better than Sodom and Gomorrah, cities destroyed from heaven centuries ago for crimes not even that hideous? Could it be that Coronavirus is being allowed from heaven as a drastic reminder that we, our country and our world have turned a blind eye to God, and have foolishly placed  our trust in fellowmen to solve all of our problems? Are the trillions of dollars being tossed into our economy by men in government really as effective in solving this problem as would have been a serious return to  prayer by our citizens and our leaders?  I have my theories, what are yours?
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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