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To the Editor
Just wanted to say thanks to all the re-enactors who were at the Museum at the Raspberry Social Sunday, August 7, 2022. They did a wonderful job portraying their historical persons. It was so fun to see them enjoying telling us their history. Of course, I had to interrupt them a couple times and got them off track!! Thanks to all involved!
Jean Melching

Redneck Review!
No. 380 - 8/7/22
It is almost unbelievable that I find myself back on the topic of silver again, and the evidence that continues to avalanche my way that we are at a historic point in the history of this basic and well known metal.  Unbelievable, because every time info on the upside potential of this option comes my way, it forces me to cringe a bit, because of the many times in the past the stage was set for a seeming explosion, when a reversal occurred that took the edge off of what seemed tobe an inevitable "sky" in the price as was predicted in RNR 378 two weeks ago! But the ton of info which came across my desk just recently forces me to return to the topic and pass along the evidence why any informed person would believe that a "sky" explosion is now just one day closer, and will shock people on just how high a price this innocent looking metal might go!
So once again I risk the scathing comments of my past readers who, tired of waiting for such an event, will again delight in rubbing my nose in what has been said by myself in the past, recently, and what is going to be said here once again!  As the old saying goes, "He who who laughs last, laughs best!" But following is late breaking news which compels me to continue the old claim, "That silver is perhaps the best investment that can be made by anyone at this time!" 
From the Early July 2022 issue of Investment Raritie's MARKET UPDATE, the following quotes come from James Cook, many decades founder and owner: "Why precious metals lagged has been thoroughly explained by silver analyst Ted Butler. Big banks selling short in unison  have thwarted a price rise in silver. Mr. Butler has proven that J. P. Morgan has used a manipulative trick to accumulate almost two billion ounces of physical and paper silver derivatives in the form of 1,000 ounce bars." (This bank was stopped by regulators who hit them with almost a $billion dollar fine, but since then, Bank of America has taken up the manipulative process, short of the illegal step that got Morgan in trouble!) "Mr. Butler believes that silver can go up ten times or more... In the past 100 years it has become a crucial industrial metal...meanwhile investors theworld over are hoarding it."
Later on in the same report, Mr. Cook passes along this information which supports Mr. Butler's claim above!  "I had dinner with a friendly competitor who had just received the largest retail coin order in history. Someone wired his company $50 million to buy 200 silver coin bags, 750,000 Silver Eagles, Morgan silver dollars, U.S. $20 Double Eagles, and $10 Eagles. He thinks another200 million may be coming."   Followers of our staggering stock market know that billionaires are moving out of stocks into farm land, real estate, homes and business in order to protect their deflating wealth (The "Rule of 72" says that the 9.1% inflation rate this month means prices will double every 8 years. 72/9 = 8!). The large order mentioned above tells us also, that gold and silver traditionally are turned to as a proven method of preserving wealth in an inflating economy!
Here are other comments from the same 8 page newsletter providing further insight into the very precarious state of our economy today! Greg McCoach: "The undoing of bubble markets in mainstream stocks, real estate, etc. has begun.  In my view, it will only get worse, as the wicked effects of inflation now ravage the economy, jobs, and most investor's portfolios...The masses are about to learn why it is folly to trust organizations like the FED, as the greatest wealth destruction in the history of the world is about to take place."  Martin Wolf: "It is possible -- perhaps even probable-- that the world system will shatter." Michael Pento: "The coming bear market will be worse than any bear market since homo sapiens began roaming the earth!,,,a real estate wreck is in the offing...home prices should soon decline sharply...Furthermore, the total amount of debt is higher today than at any time in history!"         (Six more pages of bad news in this report!) 
Jake Wren  



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