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To the Readership,
This summer my wife and I are bringing our daughter and two grandchildren (14 and 9) back home to Idaho.   My goal during our two week stay is to accomplish three things:  visit with family and friends, attend the SGA Class of ’63 fifty-fifth reunion (July 28), and have my grandchildren retrace some of my footsteps growing up in Keuterville/Cottonwood and Prairie area.   
I know there are some things that can no longer be retraced: retrieving golf balls for Father Ryan at the Keuterville church, SETTING bowling pins at the Cottonwood Bowl, pulling green-chain at Poxleitner Sawmill!  But, there are some things I would like to expose my grandchildren to and am looking for guidance, direction, help, and thoughts from the Chronicle readership.    Some things I’m hoping to cobble together for them are:   milking a cow (will settle for an automated milking situation), riding horse, a not so rough ride down the river,  a short ride in a combine, going to a cattle sale auction (so they can smell the “fresh” air), fishing, etc.
Because of the distance and my absence from the area, any help will be appreciated.   Please send me your thoughts/recommendations to:  parnoti@nctv.com
See you this summer ya’all!!!
Peter and Justine Arnoti
802 Deadfall Road West
Greenwood, SC  29649
864-229-9075 (H)
864-942-2992 (C)

Redneck Review!
No. 156 - 4/15/2018
There is a war going on!  A life and death struggle for all that most of us hold dear!  And I do not mean the recent shelling of Syria over the alleged charge of a chemical weapon attack on civilians, including women and children. Pictures on TV and in newspapers are vivid enough to support action to stop such atrocities, and prevent it reoccurring. 
This morning's Tribune includes a claim by President Trump that the strike was a success, destroying a significant portion of Syria's chemical production facilities. And sending a clear message that the United States will not ignore such type of chemical attacks.
But a bit unnerving are other reports that retaliation of one kind or another may come in the future, and may involve attacks within our own country, or serious threats from Russia.
But is there not a more dangerous threat coming from another source? Asked at the end of last week's review, do we really know what is going on us here and in the world? With the news dominated by liberal and secular elites opposed to our Christian heritage, how can it be that we tolerate Planned Parenthood promoting abortions, and being funded by our government? Especially when its founder Margaret Sanger is well known for her support of eugenics, and her effort to reduce and remove "inferior" people, those who are defective in one way or another, or are members of an "inferior" race?  And explain to me how one of our major political parties can support Planned Parenthood and its support of abortion, and still blatantly claim they are the champions of the same people?   Puzzling indeed!
Last week's Tribune shouted out a headline that is confusing to say the least!  For weeks and more, the liberal left and the news media have been raging about President Trump's alleged affair with "Stormy Daniels."  It will be admitted here that the event may well have happened, such illicit meetings often going on secretly and involving all kinds of people. The response here is twofold:  First, using the words of Christ Himself directed at the accusers of the adulterous woman, "You without sin, throw the first stone!"  They all walked away!  Second, just who is doing the complaining?  Is it not the very crowd that supports abortion, gay marriage, shared bathrooms, public displays of nudity, raw sex in movies...you name it...they support it!  An obvious case of two faced criticism!  Especially when the news about the cavorting of Bill Clinton, and recent potential charges concerning Hillary's
possible involvement in child trafficking, and possibly even more despicable activity seems hidden under the radar. No problem overlooking such activity if you belong to the far left!
Oh yes!  We have a primary election coming up! And yes, it does matter who are state leaders are!  Myself, I have clear cut favorites here.  Russ Fulcher is my go to guy for the U.S. House seat!  I know Russ, and know  he stands firm on the issues I value, and is my choice for the man to replace Raul Labrador. Raul, who is running for governor, is the only candidate there I can support.  Tommy Ahlquist has generated some interest, but a shaky political past and his questionable positions has even the Tribune noting serious questions in its editorial of April 15.  Brad Little? To me, a good guy, but just more years of Butch Otter, and thus, a time for a change!  Lieutenant governor?  Tough choice between Bob Nonini and Janice McGeachin, but I will mark my ballot for Bob!  A top rated conservative in the Idaho senate is one reason, and his outspoken position on the horror of abortion is another! His initial comments on the penalty for women who allow abortions seems a bit harsh! But if the law throws the book at a woman who hires a man to kill her husband, is not it much the same to ask a doctor to kill an unborn child?  Time to face the facts, folks!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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