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To the Editor:
I am writing in response to last week’s letter to the Editor by the Idaho County Democrats who say they are just like me.  I agree that we are all created by the same God Who loves us and gives us free will to love Him back and follow the teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Now this is where we have disagreements on how to use our free will to love Him back.  In order to say, “We are like you”, we will have to agree that all of us are created in the womb and deserve the same rights of all people--Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  If you do not agree with me on this, then you are not like me.  If you agree with me, you will join me in supporting political platforms that promote the sanctity of life.  The Democratic platform insists on promoting the Intrinsic Evil of abortion and euthanasia.  The platform also calls for same sex marriage and promotion of sexual identities that are not aligned with Christian teachings.  As children of God, we are called to respect the dignity of each human individual and promote ideals that follow the teachings of Christ. Until the democratic platform turns away from promoting intrinsic evil, you are not like me.
We might agree or disagree on prudential judgments such as immigration, taxes, gun ownership, environmental policies etc…, but I believe we can debate these judgments in a manner that would be consistent to teachings of Christ.  Some would say that if I support a wall on the southern border, I would be against the teaching of Christ.  My reply is that we need to secure the borders the best we can and if a wall is an instrument to reduce or stop people bringing young boys and girls over to be used by those who participate in the sex trade – then I am absolutely for the wall.  If we can reduce or stop the flow of drugs and gangs by having a wall, then absolutely I am for the wall.  I believe in safe and legitimate immigration policies that ensure our safety and the safety of our new citizens.
I can go on and on where we can come to agreement about ending wars and having countries pay their own fair share for peace, but I doubt I would have enough space to cover everything.  We are American citizens that want peace and work to end racism and other injustices, but until you work to protect the innocent child in the womb, you are not like me.
Joe Rehder
Cottonwood, Idaho

To the Editor
Vote Rudy Soto for Congress
Voters who want a problem solver and an independent voice advocating for Idahoans should vote for Rudy Soto for the 1st Congressional District.
Rudy is not accepting donations from corporations so he can focus on the needs of Idahoans.
Rudy committed to serving no more than three two-year terms – so he can work for us.
If elected, Rudy plans to work with the Problem Solvers Caucus, a bipartisan group of congressmen and women seeking cooperation on key policy issues.
Rudy supports Social Security and Medicare, and will fight for quality, affordable health care.
Rudy will work to expand broadband internet access in rural areas, which will help businesses and improve access to telehealth and remote learning.
Rudy is a veteran and former military policeman.
Rudy has experience working in Congress as both staff and as legislative director for the National Indian Gaming Association.
We need moderate, bipartisan, independent-minded representatives who will work to solve the problems we face. Rudy is the best choice for Idaho’s 1st Congressional District.
Rudy will be in Grangeville on Friday, Sept. 25 from 5-7 for a town hall. The town hall will be held at the pavilion in Pioneer Park at the east end of Main Street. To learn more about Rudy visit: https://rudysoto.us/
Shireene Hale

Redneck Review!

No. 282 - 9/21/2020
In continuing the discussion of the two historic facts mentioned last week, it would be well to remember George Santayana's statement: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Maybe even think about another statement if studying government or history: "You  have to know the  past, to understand the present, to predict the future." It should be added that any nation that chooses to ignore these does so at their own peril!
And it is bluntly said here that many Americans are doing just that!  Ignoring historic facts that can and maybe will determine our future!  AND THAT FUTURE AIN'T PRETTY!
Who would dare to claim that?  Simple!  Let's take a closer look at the first historic event mentioned last week.  The unparalleled rise to power of Marxists or Communists. which in just over 100 years since 1917, has grown from a handful of dedicated followers to control of nearly half of the world today.  This atheistic group has used documented tactics using the false promises of SOCIALISM to entice gullible people to put them in power. In the process, they wage all out war against traditional families, true Christian religions, and America in general since it stresses the value of the individual,  freedom of that individual, and the right to own private and productive property. Even casual research proves that they rely on HATE,  and the CONFLICT it creates.  Conflict they claim is necessary for the evolutionary changes in history which eventually must lead to a classless society, ruled by the working man in what is called the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  Once there, all traditional families will disappear, and all will live happy due to the rule: "From each due to his ability, from each according to need."
Let's look at a few more direct quotations which support these claims!  1)"We Communists do not distinguish between good and bad religions because we think they are all bad." - Earl Browder, Communist Party, U.S.A.  2)"We must make our school boys and  girls not merely non-religious, but actively and passionately anti-religious." - Lenin's wife, Madam Krupskaya. 3)"We must practice co-existence with other nations, until we are strong enough to take over by world revolution... We are not pacifists. Conflict is inevitable. Great political questions can only be solved by violence. It is inconceivable that Communism and democracy can exist side by side in the world. Inevitably, one must perish." - Lenin. 4)"We have never forgotten that violence will be an inevitable accompaniment of the collapse of capitalism..." - Lenin. 5) "Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religions, and all morality." - Communist Manifesto.  6)"It is no use hoping for a Communist victory unless we destroy Christianity." Laferte, Mexican Communist Leader, 1944. 7)"We hate Christians... Even the best of them are our worst enemies. They preach love of neighbor...which is contrary to our principles. Down with love of one's neighbor!  What we want is hate."  Lunarcharsky, former Russian Commissar of Education. 8)"The materialist gives more important place to materialism, while relegating God and all the rabble who believe in Him to the sewer and manure heap." - Lenin.
Enough!  Close readers of these reviews will recognize the above as very repetitious of claims in RNR's 266 and 267.  But most everyone  knows, repetition is critical in retaining important information. Besides, we move ever closer to Nov., when our nation will decide between known socialists or more traditional backers of our Constitution and freedoms it guarantees. And O yes!  October 13 coming up is an anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in the same year mentioned above, 1917!  (More about that next week!)
Jake Wren




















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