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Dear Editor:
Right to Life of Idaho has been working to introduce Abortion Pill Reversal Informed Consent legislation.
This protective legislation will require that a woman be informed that the chemical abortion can potentially be reversed in order to save her baby if she changes her mind after taking it.
Already over 300 babies have been saved by the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol with NO birth defects caused by the abortion pill.
IMPORANT:  The 2,500 member American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists supports offering Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) to women who regret initiating the abortion pill process, after appropriate informed consent.
If a woman regrets taking the abortion pill, she will be informed that she should act quickly and call the APR Hotline:  877-558-0333.
Kerry Uhlenkott
Legislative Coordinator
Right to Life of Idaho

To the Editor
The Redcoatsare coming, The Redcoatsare coming
During the American revolution, Paul Revere rode his horse through villages yelling, “the Redcoats are coming, the Redcoats are coming” to alert the people that the British soldiers were coming to take over their lands. A similar thing is happening across America today as Republican legislators, with their political red party colors, are writing legislative bills implying “ we Redcoats are coming, we Redcoats are here” to take away your lands”! 
In Paul Revere’s time, the British did not ask people living in cities and rural areas of America if the people wanted the British to take over their lands. The same is happening today in 21st century America and with  mechanisms available to poll the people in America, the Redcoats have not once asked the people if they want their lands legislated away. Over 90% of Republican senators signed the Senator Murkowski Amendment to trade away, sell, give away etc.., public lands owned by the people. And more bills are coming as the new day Redcoats are persistent.
The old time Redcoats lost to the American people and it will happen again. A Republican congressman recently withdrew his bill to take away lands in Utah from the people due to high public opposition. A recent private poll in seven Western stated showed a big majority of people opposed the Redcoat obsession.
May God Bless America and its public lands from those who wish to trade/sell them away from our children and grandchildren due to the extreme obsession by one political party which does not understand all the joy and happiness these lands bring to millions of Americans each year from recreating on these public lands along with two thirds of a trillion dollars to the national economy. 
Harvey Neese
Clarkston, WA

Redneck Review
No. 95 - 2/13/2017
It's time to conclude and move on! Reviews 93 and 94 have hinted that it is not only highly probable, but logically necessary that our national economy is going to be hit sometime in the future, maybe near, but also maybe a long way off, with higher rates of inflation and big increases in valuable metals, like gold, platinum, silver, etc., with a claim that the basics in silver make it potentially the one with the most dramatic potential for increase of all! Why?
To begin, the relationship between the prices of precious metals and stock market entries has been a favorite subject of mine now for over 60 years. And my dabbling in investmentsover these years has included some painful lessons as well as some occasional gains! For starters, a borrowed $1000 from an old banker friend in the 1970's, invested in a silver margin account, netted me a quick $3000 one month later, as I knew the price at the time had to go up! It did, but cashing in on an increase from $2/oz to over $10 made me smile at the time, but the smile faded quickly when the price zoomed to $50/oz , driven there by the Hunt brothers effort to corner the silver market! My early sell cost me a huge profit!
Wiser, another borrowed sum from the same banker, at a time my personal finances were a disaster, saw a similar $2/oz investment of the borrowed $5,000 and zoom to about $65,000 in my margin account. However, when considering the decision to sell at a $14 price which triggered the large profit, my decision to not sell when the price fell a quarter was based on my earlier loss for selling too early! So I held out, only to witness the price receding back to the $2 level, with the result that the borrowed $5,000 now produced no profit, but left me instead with a heavy burden to pay with my normal income! A costly lesson learned!
Another hard lesson learned. Following the advice of an excellent weekly investment letter, my next decision involved a $50/month purchase of silver, using the dollar cost averaging method recommended. A couple of years later, with the price up four or five times, I tried to sell, only to find that my company, called the Pacific Coast Bullion Exchange, was selling paper only, and when clients like me tried to cash in, the owner committed suicide! He did not have the silver stored as promised! Warning! Never buy paper contracts only, as the record shows that 90% of all gold and silver companies go bankrupt when it’s time to pay!
I also bought and sold margin accounts in silver mines for several years, but the problem of keeping up is too big for an amateur! And today it is even worse, as the big outfits do most of their investing with computer models doing the buying and selling! My experiment was awash, and my exit there was one of the smartest things ever done!
The bottom line is, that conditions are ripe for higher inflation and increased prices for silver. It has to happen! And for the interested, of dozens of investment letters I have read over the years, my recommendation today is Market Update, put out by Investment Rarities, which specializes in silver & gold with an excellent reputation over several decades. Their 8 page news letter produced twice monthly quotes silver guru Theodore Butler, and dozens of other market experts. The annual cost of the news letter is $49, and is well worth it! Call Bill Collins at 800-328-1860 for more information!
Time and space has cut short my original intention to quote several current experts whose opinions make sense, and are well worth considering! So reluctantly, this review will return one more time to this topic, and will consist primarily of those sources and their comments!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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