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Dear Editor:
Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t strike just the elderly. The 200,000 Americans currently diagnosed with dementia before age 65 need services like in-home care, transportation, and caregiver support. 
This past April, advocates like myself working with the Alzheimer’s Association asked members of Congress to co-sponsor the Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Act. This bipartisan proposal, H.R. 1903, would amend the Older Americans Act to serve these younger individuals and their families through our local community Area Agency on Aging.
I am very hopeful that Idaho’s Congressmen, Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson, will co-sponsor this needed legislation. Congressman Fulcher is, in fact, a new member of the committee that must approve this important new legislation. 
As a social worker, that delivers much needed services to individuals with Alzheimer’s, I personally know the heavy burden and unimaginable hardship that individuals and families carry with this disease. When enacted, the Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Act, will ensure every American, regardless of age, has the much needed care, support and resources they need. 
I strongly believe all members of Congress should continue to actively support policies that address Alzheimer’s disease as the national public health crisis it is.
Cheryl Thompson
Coeur d Alene, Idaho

Redneck Review!
No. 225 - 8/18/2019
Time to summarize and return to past topics!  Skipping  #220 to 223, those dealing with family or class reunions which took place locally, reviews before that and #224 attempted to analyze the differences between the two major philosophies and theories that are battling for control in our country today. That struggle is between the LEFT or the LIBERAL side, and the RIGHT or CONSERVATIVE one.
First, a disclaimer!  Those terms are not my invention, but are accepted nationwide by those who follow the news. It is admitted here,  that both sides have their passionate defenders! Also the position of this writer is that both sides are entitled to their position in this "land of the free," and likewise should respect those on the other side!
So knowing their will be readers in complete agreement on one side, and at the same time, equally convinced defenders on the other side, a summary is presented here of the issues, and the positions taken by the antagonists!  Comments for and against are here welcomed, either to be sent by return email from those who read on line, and in signed letters to the editor by those who read in the Chronicle or the Tribune, or elsewhere.
#1) The CONSERVATIVE side typically professes a belief in a Creator God, and rules and regulations traced back to that source, namely the TEN COMMANDMENTS and the one called the GREATEST COMMANDMENT,  spoken by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who historically lived and died by crucifixion around 2000 years ago.  Thus at all times and in all ages, certain rules of behavior and unchangeable standards are considered essential. The LIBERAL side in its purest form denies the existence of and need for such permanent and absolute rules, and maintains instead that changing conditions and beliefs over the years require that standards of behavior must change with the times. Admitted here is that many today who consider themselves liberal, may not hold absolutely to these basic positions.
#2) In politics, the CONSERVATIVE side adheres to (or should!) the belief that ultimately the government should be controlled by the people who in turn are not free to argue for anything they choose, but must recognize basic rules and regulations coming from a Creator God as mentioned above.  A simple picture of this relationship, defined as a REPUBLIC in years long past by our Founding Fathers is:  God-->People-->Gov. The LIBERAL side argues that the people themselves decide what the laws should be, and support the traditional definition of a DEMOCRACY which puts sole power in the hands of the majority.  A simple diagram here is:  People-->Gov.  The leaders of this group will not admit that universal laws of conduct and behavior are to be followed always and everywhere!
#3) In economics, the conservative side argues that FREE ENTERPRISE or CAPITALISM stresses freedom and RESPONSIBILITY on the part of each individual, requiring that each person is responsible for themselves, their family, and neighbors in need.  While the liberal side stresses equality of living conditions with responsibility put on the government to achieve that equality. The economic system of choice of these advocates is SOCIALISM. 
4) Face it folks!  The conservative side demands morally (or should!) that every individual has respect and concern for all, believing that all are brothers AS created by a Creator God. Thus is required "LOVE of neighbor as oneself!"  But the liberal side allows HATE, and tolerates of its backers a refusal to grant respect to those of the opposite opinion! (A continued look at the differences will be returned to next week!)
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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