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Redneck Review!
No. 185 - 11/5/2018
Woops!  Gotta admit... my math stands corrected!  In last week's review,  the number of abortions in the U.S. since 1973 was rounded off as 60,000, then a challenge was issued: "Do your own math, do not take my word for it!"  The claim made there was that it figured out to be over 3000 every day! Well, four readers did that, challenged my math!
Admitted here is that the "60,000" was supposed to be 60,000,000 (60 million, yes, that is 60 MILLION!)  Quite a difference! Carelessly  leaving off the three zeroes does make a big difference, and the four people who have already challenged my math were correct! A genuine THANKS to those keen eyed individuals who spotted the error and noted it!
Very carefully researching the claim again, the following more conservative estimate is given, based on the LOWER of several sources found on the internet: Google, Siri, and other sources: The figure 60 million will be lowered to 55 million, and the math then will be 55m divided by 45 years = 1.222222m divided by 365 days =3348 abortions per day. Divide again by 24 and you get a horrendous figure,  roughly 140 per hour!  (The "45" is the number of years from 1973, the "Roe vs Wade" decision, until 2018).
So even though the original figure written there was off by three zeroes, the "3000 per day" figure was actually very conservative.  And claimed here is that the new figure, "3348" you find above, is ridiculously low also, since many such procedures are not reported and thus do not find themselves in the researched totals!
So give some careful thought to it!  In our so-called modern U.S., the hard, cold, gruesome fact is that over 100 tiny defenseless potential citizens of this country PER HOUR have their life snuffed out in often the most painful and barbaric way!  It is obvious that we as a nation have become so numb to this bitter fact, that we carelessly allow the barbarism to continue! And that is why this review last week contained the statement: "My vote is determined!  NO VOTE HERE FOR A CANDIDATE OR A PARTY THAT SUPPORTS ABORTION, or even tolerates it!"  And since the voting begins tomorrow for those who receive this review by email, and the readers of the paper will only get it AFTER THE VOTING IS DONE, it will be very interesting to see how we modern Americans vote on this critical issue! And how long a patient God will ignore this tragic reality!
Last week also,  readers were urged to watch the documentary GOSNELL, which played all last week in Lewiston.  I went to a 3:30 showing last week and along with two other patrons, yes... there was a huge total of THREE of us in the theatre, we sat through a documentary of the circumstances which led up to an abortionist who practiced for over 30 years, and was involved with several deaths of mothers coming to him, and thousands and more thousands
of babies aborted, several of which were born alive and were systematically killed with a scissor cut in the neck.  Those fully formed babies who survived the abortion process and were casually slain by Gosnell, were then sometimes placed in bags and kept on shelves or in refrigerators..  One shelf had jars of children's feet in them kept casually by the doctor! (And by the way, Gosnell was sentenced to life in prison without parole by a jury of peers!)
Ugly!  How are we any different from the intelligent German individuals who were so numbed by Hitler's hatred of the Jews that they methodically went along with his demand that they be slain or gassed by the thousands and their bodies dozed into huge ditches? And very true it is, the number of aborted babies here  far outnumbers the Jews slain by Hitler!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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