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To the Editor
When are we going to hold our elected officials accountable? The decisions they make adversely effect our lives. They are supposed to be working for us. Should we keep sending these elected officials to Boise if they are voting how the leadership wants them to? They are working for us.  How does your Senator and Representative’s vote on important issues?  Do you know their American Conservative Union or Idaho Freedom Foundation ratings? How many of  your elected officials send newsletters when they’re in session keeping you informed on upcoming bills and how they would effect you? And asking for feedback? A lot of elected officials would rather you didn’t know how they voted. The one’s with low ratings attack the score   keepers. Just depends on whom they are beholding to, the leadership or the people that voted them into office?  Idaho’s Senate last year session productive score was 54. Do you want to keep sending the same Senators and Representatives that aren’t voting with our conservative values? And expect a different outcome? It is up to us to KEEP the elected officials that are doing a good job and vote OUT the one’s that are not. Please do your homework with city and school boards elections coming up also.
Rebecca Crea

Redneck Review!

No. 338 - 10/17/21
Three topic followup!  First, the power of prayer - second, Kabul, Vietnam? 3rd - Our economy!
The last two RNR's commented on a well known incident that occurred in Fatima, Oct. 13, 1917. Reported around the world was the MIRACLE OF THE SUN, during which some 70,000 people, all drenched to the skin by a steady rain, suddenly saw a spinning sun apparently headed for the earth. The terrified people fell down in prayer, only to suddenly see the sun return to its normal spot, and the ground and all their clothes instantly dried.  Whether you ever heard of this or not, or maybe do not believe it, IT IS HISTORICAL FACT!  Newspapers around the world commented on the strange events, and to this day, a google search will give you many of the details! Why mention it again, some few days after our Oct 13th?  Simply because, the heavenly lady involved called for prayer and sacrifice to ward off looming disasters, like WWII which she predicted, and a spread of atheistic communism if her requests were not heeded!  A follower of history and the news today can see that her disaster warnings have come true!  Evidently, not enough prayer and sacrifice!  So how much prayer is needed?  A look at Biblical Genesis, chs.18 and 19.  records the events at Sodom and Gomorra, and the destruction which left ashes only for later visitors.  Seems that the two cities were involved in a number of activities much like we have rampant today in the U.S. (Read Ch 19 in detail for the particulars!).  God told Abraham HE was going to destroy both cities, but allowed Abraham to bargain with "Would you save it for 40 good people?"  Yes, said the Lord, so Abraham continued to auction HIM down with 3O? then 20?, finally 10? (in most translations!).  But, sad it was the 10 could not be found, so history records the ashes that remain from these two cities destroyed on the next day!
The above is repeated because of the famous old claim: "Those who do not know the history of the past are doomed to repeat it!"   Can our country be facing a similar disaster? Can it still be prevented?
Second topic, modern day news from Kabul, and a quotation from an old friend and veteran of the now old war in Vietnam.  His first letter to me included his dismay that our pull out of Kabul the way we did it, left  U.S. citizens, thousands of local citizens there who were depending on us, and an estimated $90 billion of our military equipment behind to fall into the hands of the brutal Taliban.  And news reports repeatedly showed that the take over of the country had been going on bit by bit for over six months, with no response from our own government and troops employed there until too late.  My friend had no kind words for the press who covered events in Vietnam while he was there, claiming in last week's article: "The press distorted facts...for the sake of sensationalism.... and in so doing ruined the lives of many young soldiers away from families who were taught we were all dope addicts and baby killers."  Following is a brief summary of a second example of press distortion during that war: "On a beautiful morning... myself with a contingent of soldiers, slogging through the country... came across the decaying bodies of dozens of N. Vietnam soldiers, killed in battle and left to rot, dead for days... full of maggots and worms.  We Americans... did not leave the rotten bodies, but dug a mass grave, then attached ropes used to drag their decayed bodies to the grave site and buried them. A short time later one of our soldiers got a letter from his family with photos of the event, with the heading 'American soldiers digging and torturing prisoners in Vietnam.' The family suggested that if he were part of this terrible act of torture, he need not come home."  Similar distortions are described as well!
Finally from a twice monthly MARKET UPDATE report from Investment Rarities, is submitted this quote: "Ludwig von Mises, the venerated founder of the Austrian School of Economics has said: 'There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought on by (money) expansion  The alternative is only whether the crisis comes sooner as the result of ending the...expansion, or later as a final and a total catastrophe of the system involved.'" (By the way, silver spot price still a rediculous $22, 23/oz., less that half its 41 year old high around $50, and with inflation, should be close to $1000/oz!!  (By the way, current shortages are delaying silver orders as much as two months!  Will get worse!)
Jake Wren


















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