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Redneck Review
No. 57 5/23/2016
Wow! Viewers of news sites on TV this last week were exposed to an interesting fact of life associated with many of our colleges and universities today! A random sampling of young college age students in the east last week produced nearly unanimous examples of young Americans who knew very little about current events, and government leaders. Many did not even know who Joe Biden was, and most seemed to be enthusiastic about Bernie Sanders, while at the same time totally unable to explain what socialism is. What they did like was his promise of free education and health care however!
On the Dennis Michael Lynch segment of Newsmax just last night, three guest students in college testified for one hour about the bias in their schools for liberal ideas, and actual hatred for opposing positions which would normally be labeled conservative.
One of the students claimed that a classmate wearing a Reagan shirt in class was blasted by her instructor claiming that Reagan was the worst president in the history of our nation. One boy, the most outspoken of the three students, and a very convincing speaker, said it was understood in his school that students who voiced their conservative opinions in class simply had to deal with reduction in grades or harassment of other kinds. He added that it was worth it for him, because many of his fellow students had little knowledge of history or government, and often admitted to having no classes in these subjects in college, or even in high school in some cases.
I found the random opinion sampling and the news interviews interesting, but not very surprising! Nearly a year ago, the book THE SILENCING was reviewed at length in RNR articles numbers 6 and 7. Written by Kirsten Powers, a self claimed young liberal who "grew up in the 1970's with a feminist mother... a Democrat from the very beginning, a believer in diversity of thought and belief, one who today favors pro-choice for women, the marriage of gay individuals, equal pay for women, the Obama presidency..." and other typical Democratic and liberal ideas. But what she did not like was the methods used by those she called ILLIBERALS who are totally intolerant of views other than their own, and who resort to name calling and vicious slandering of those who dare to differ with them. She bluntly added the following subtotal to her book, "How the left is killing free speech."
Interesting also shortly after a summary of that article appeared in the Lewiston Tribune, was a phone call from a single mother to myself, claiming that the same intolerance also showed up in classes she attended at Lewis-Clark college in Lewiston! The caller has since left Lewiston and has moved to a smaller community.
What can a single individual do, I ask myself, in the face of information like the above? It seems to me in a nation with a proven Christian heritage, and a citizenry who claim to be Bible readers 80% of the time or better, in national polls taken, one might resort to prayer! Countless examples of miracles or near miracles have occurred when individuals or even nations fall back on the promise of Christ Himself who frequently asserted, "Ask anything in my name and it will be given to you!"
And perhaps one might recall the big difference between that Great Teacher"s call to have faith in Him, and a belief in the power of the individual, rather than the modern view that we are in constant need of help and supervision from so-called experts in politics or economics!
Jake Wren

Dear Editor
So Jim Rehder and other Idaho County Democrats urged other like-minded non-Republicans to register as Republicans to vote in the primary to defeat Commissioner Jim Chmelik and Senator Sheryl Nuxoll. (Tribune May 21)  They just lie about their party affiliation to cheat the system. No big deal to them. Of course lying and cheating seems to be the way of the Democrats from Hillary on down nowadays. Hard for us fair and honest people to think like that. No wonder Democrats can't get elected here.  I've known Carl Crabtree for over 50 years and always thought highly of him. I don't know Denis Duman. I just hope those 2 were not a part of the unfair, sleazy tactics used to get them elected and that they are really conservative Republicans at heart. We'll see.
Lucky Brandt

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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