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Dear Editor,
More thoughts on people not taking “Covid” seriously. Mary Davidson (Progress 10/1) calls non-mask wearers stubborn. This implies that they know they should wear masks but just refuse to do so. What about the possibility that the non-mask wearers know something different to be true than what we are being told incessantly from the government and media? A narrative that is fraught with inconsistencies, error and censorship.
In March NIAID director, Dr. Fauchi, stated face masks were not necessary for the general population,, noting that they don't provide the protection folks believe they do and might create "unintended consequences." Makes sense, since OSHA regulations do not consider cloth masks PPE (personal protective equipment) and state they will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious agents.
In April Fauchi said that the general public should be wearing cloth masks if they cannot keep a safe distance from others. Why the flip-flop? He admitted lying to the public, so health care providers would not run out of masks. What about them not being effective and causing other health issues? No problem, just continue repeating the mantra, wear a mask or you will cause people to die.
After all, over 200,000 people have died in the US from “Covid”, right? Wrong! The CDC admits that 94% of those deaths listed as “Covid” involved other life threatening diseases. Only 6% have died with “Covid” only. On top of that, the death records are seriously questionable. A person does not even have to be tested to list their death as “Covid”. And, the government is paying doctors and hospitals to list deaths as “Covid”!
Many doctors, scientists and researchers opinions are at odds with the official narrative (visit questioningcovid.com). Their character has been assassinated and Google, You-tube, Facebook, etc. are censoring them. Why?
This would be laughable were it not for all the suffering, death, economic destruction, psychological damage and loss of freedoms being caused. How can we take what the government and media say seriously when this whole operation is so blatantly not about health and safety but serves a much darker agenda?
Jay Maxner

Redneck Review!
No. 285 - 10/12/2020
Wow! Time flies!  Today's date shocked me! This is the day that judge Barrett begins facing her critics! Immediately we went to our TV, only to find it was not working! O well, time is far too limited to spend the hours needed to see it through to the end anyway!
Also the date was a reminder that Oct. 13 is the anniversary of the events that happened in 1917 that gave spectacular proof that the Blessed Virgin Mary had been appearing to three small children in Fatima for six months, warning the world what would happen if her requests went unheeded. First a spinning sun that appeared moving towards earth, and a rain drenched crowd of about 60,000 suddenly finding the ground and themselves instantly dry! Researchers will find that many of her predictions came true, like a second horrible World War II, resulting in the total destruction of some nations, and the spread of atheistic communism. Interesting, indeed! 1917 gave that movement its control of Russia!
Yes, time does fly!  Elections coming in three weeks will impact greatly our future! And that serious reality reminds me of a book I read recently by Cardinal Robert Sarah entitled THE DAY IS NOW FAR SPENT.  In a very readable and documented book, the Cardinal makes the point that America has forgotten the role God plays in our lives, and instead puts all faith in man and government.  Readers of that book will find convincing arguments that solutions to all problems in medicine, economics, education, are now demanded of government with little trust in the Divine Providence of God!
So with these thoughts in mind and with a naive trust in our First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech, and an equally naive violation of today's accepted demand that we all be "politically correct," this writer dares to make the following comments!
First, if you are one of the stated 80% of American citizens who claim to be Christian and who believe in the Ten Commandments, then it is boldly asserted here that YOU MUST VOTE TRUMP IN NOVEMBER! My reasons follow:
1) ABORTION is the critical issue!  The practice of denying life to innocent babes in the womb and the growing practice of allowing survivors to die unattended is a direct violation of the 5th Commandment, and  has to be a clear call for punishment from our Creator God! Of course there are other issues, but show me where in those Commandments, it demands: "Thou shall not deny any person access to your home or country."  Or "Thou shall demand that government  provide free food, education, medicine and housing to all who want or need it." Not one of the other issues can be found in the basic Ten Commandments! So...
2) Current president Trump is the most pro-life president in recent history or maybe ever! The only one ever to publicly attend and SPEAK at the annual gathering of Pro-Life people in Wash D.C.  Also to publicly speak about the topic and his position at a U.N. meeting! As promised, he continually nominates PRO-LIFE judges (over 300 so far), and currently his new nominee to the supreme court, Judge Barrett will endure rabid criticism because she is a Christian and  Catholic, a pro-family mother of seven, and a confirmed supporter of the Constitution. Watch and see, and while at it, research and note the platform of the opposing Democratic Party, which Joe Biden, their candidate, claims is his platform.  A no vote for both candidate? A "cop-out," defined on Google as "Avoiding the performance of a task or duty."
(More reasons why Christians and Catholics are obligated to vote, and vote Trump!)
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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