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Redneck Review
No. 66 7/25/2016
Wow! We have survived one week of national nominating conventions! Now, the question is, can we survive another? For those who sat through hours of speeches praising the ability of Donald Trump, the challenge now is to give equal time to Democrats, gathering this week to go through similar steps to officially nominate Hillary Clinton! I am sure they are hoping that one time primary opponent Bernie Sanders will not stir up the ranks like Ted Cruz did when his excellent speech on party principles did not include a wild endorsement of Trump!
Which certainly creates some questions in my mind! Just how legitimate are these wildly endorsing speeches praising their nominees anyway? Donald's current wife, Melania, did an excellent job in the opinion of most listeners during her time at the podium, causing some observers to remark that she is a better campaigner than Donald! Then, however, we hear that she used one of Michelle Obama's sentences almost word for word! Horrors! Obvious plagiarism! But no... wait a minute! She did not write her own speech we are told, so any blame would have to be on her speech writer, er... several speech writers! Either they did the copying, or failed to realize the close nature of the comment, and should have deleted it from the text! So, no way could Melania be to blame! So, do we accept the bulk of her moving speech to be genuine, or just the group work of a bunch of paid speech writers?
Myself, I hope that her remarks were her own, or at least represented her true feellings on the subject of her husband of 18 years! And as far as the similarity to something Michelle Obama may have said years ago, I claim that Shakespeare's "Much ado about nothing!" is most appropriate here! At one time or another, we all have been impressed by a certain combination of words that stick in our mind, to show up at a later date with no link to a possible duplicate speaker years ago! I myself have frequently used the phrase "Freedom is the key!" when discussing a key ingredient of America's remarkable progress in freedom and prosperity the last few hundred years, and I quickly admit that that phrase was used by a former student of mine in a speech that she gave! Ouch! Do I owe an apology for using it? Was it plagiarism? Or maybe she had picked it up from one of my comments earlier!
And the non-endorsement of Trump by Ted Cruz controversy! Wow! What a lame critique! Cruz was my candidate all along because he and Mike Lee of Utah were my heroes last year when they filibustered the legislative effort to one more time raise the debt ceiling! For that effort, he incurred the wrath of establishment Republicans! And I am convinced that is one of the reasons he gained the following he did, as both he and Trump profited from the total frustration the public demonstrated this year with establishment government. Frankly, I admired Cruz for not falling in line, prostituting the conservative values he represented, by enthusiastically endorsing Trump! For all in the know admit that Trump has not been a true conservative in the past, and will possibly embarrass true conservatives in the future! I hope not, but am very suspicious!
May I ask a serious question? Have we not all had our fill with "political correctness?" We know that the good Lord saw fit to make each and every one of us different, DIFFERENT I say! Therefore, where any two are gathered together, there is most certainly going to be a difference of opinion now and then! Maybe even serious at times! Is this not the glory of creation? Frankly, I object to the socialist "herd attitude" towards individuals that tends to assume we are all the same, and can be treated and cared for the same! And I truly admire a man like Ted Cruz who can take an unpopular position, and then stick to it through thick and thin! So no criticism from me from his failure to endorse Donald Trump!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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