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Redneck Review!
No. 247 - 1/20/2020
"Concluded next week!" was the last statement found on last week's RNR. So concluded it is going to be with the final word below on what it seems is a logical response to the theme that was hammered away on during the last few weeks: "Miracles!" Taking a long look and close examination of everything around us that our earth has provided will indeed generate a ton of questions about the source of everything and the mystery which surrounds the current belief that no other spot in our known universe could or does support life as we know it on earth.
And the record of history tells us that nearly all former civilizations have decided there is some kind of supreme law giver and creator responsible for it all. And that we humans who live here owe some kind of recognition to that law giver and creator.
Thus we see the rise of modern religions with research telling us that Christianity is the most numerous today followed closely by Islam and Non-Believers. And it takes very little time to become familiar with the basic positions established by each. Christianity from the beginning has taught love of God and neighbor as its basic tenets, with a need to follow the laws which have been handed down to us, the best known of which are the Ten Commandments. And the core beliefs of Islam are there to be easily found by any one interested, found in the Koran, and summarized under about five requirements, beginning with belief in Allah and Muhammad his profit, and ending with a call to Jihad as one method of recruiting others to the Muslim belief.
That leaves Non-Believers as the third most numerous group in our world today. And it is most realistic to realize that these three groups in one way or another are in a world wide struggle to recruit others to their way of life. And at the same time, remold the world into a civilization that reflects the groups basic beliefs.
So that leads to the claim made last week that it is the Non-Believer group that poses the most serious threat to our traditional way of life here in the United States, which all are forced to agree is the envy of the world today, and which has been so for generations.
A disclaimer is quickly inserted here! Not every "non-believer" can be included in the group that is discussed following! But in general, the characteristic of those we are concerned with is the conviction that Creator given laws do not apply! Therefore, whether claimed to be Christian or agnostic or atheist, it matters not. The characteristic of the "non-believer" we are concerned with is that the individual has the right to "Do it his or her way," to follow the dictates of their individual conscience despite possible conflict with established rules and regulations. Thus, some claimed "Christians" experience no qualms of conscience with supporting abortion, even though the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and all major Christian religions preach "Thou shall not kill," especially as it applies to the most innocent and helpless of all human beings. And the creed of many of the "Do it my way" non-believers is that other believers are not entitled to hold their own beliefs, but can be subjected to all kinds of hate remarks, or violent confrontations when attempting to explain what they believe. The daily news is filled with confrontations by those who do not tolerate differences of opinion, but use violence and intimidation to suppress anything that disagrees with their own points of view. 
With these thoughts in mind, it is easy to classify individuals as "wanna bees" who desire to be president or a government representative! The "Do it my way" people feel free to ignore the lessons that history and modern examples teach about socialism as a way of government, and unrestrictive behavior as a way of living! 2020 is the year we next choose! What will it be? 
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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