School Board meets
The school board held their July meeting Monday, July 15, and voted to approve a raise in hot lunch prices.
Prices will go up 10 cents for students and 25 cents for adults. New rates are $2.25 at the Elementary School, $2.75 at the Jr./Sr. High School and $5.25 for adults.
They also approved an increase in per diem rates for staff who travel to meetings. This is the first increase in several years. New allowances are $8 for breakfast, $10 for lunch, $20 for dinner with a maximum day total of $35. Previously those numbers are $7, $9, $13 and $25.
The board voted to keep bus rental and facility use rates the same as they have been on recommendation of superintendent Reneí Forsmann.
Glenn Poxleitner was present to discuss the cross country teamís request to develop a course at the football/track facility. He is looking at having a walking/running course follow the fence perimeter of the facility to be used for training purposes. Some gravel may need to be brought in on the southeast corner where there is a swamp. They would likely veer away from the fence line in that area. He said they are also looking at expanding this to a full 3.1 mile racing course by going out around the back of the school building, possibly through the cemetery to Cottonwood Butte Rd., take that up to the BLM and then return. Upkeep would be minimal as the area is kept mowed anyway. This would also give those who walk the track an alternative walking path.
The board gave Poxleitner the go-ahead to pursue this further.
Extracurricular assignments for the 2019-20 school year were approved. Changes are Julie Schumacher taking over as one of the junior class advisors and Shane Wolter as the new boys basketball coach. Also Travis Mader will be the assistant Jr. High football coach with Nick Brotzman moving from assistant to head coach for Jr. High football.  They still donít have a JV boys basketball coach. Jon Rehder said there has been some interest but no one has stepped forward for an interview.
An updated section of the policy manual was discussed but action on approving it was tabled to next month to get more information on a couple of items board members had questions about.
In the facilities update Forsmann reported the heating/cooling system work at the high school started June 11 and they are hoping to get it completed by the end of July.
4 of the Elementary School doors have been painted by Jack Duman with 4 more sent to him. They may wind up getting 12 of them done instead of the proposed 10.
Carpet in the Elementary School band room had been replaced and the molding and shelves have been painted.
Gutter replacement at both buildings has been finished as well as gutter replacement on the Auxiliary Gym.
6 toilet valves at the high school have been replaced.
Heat tape at the high school to keep ice from building up and water flowing off the roofs and into the gutters has been completed.
Roof work has started at the Elementary School. This summer is the first phase and will address the most critical areas.
Rickís Pump service installed some drain tile at the front of the Elementary building to address some water issues.
An additional layer of surfacing for the front and back parking lots at the Elementary School is set to start later this week.
In her Elementary Principalís report, Forsmann noted they still havenít filled the Elementary Cook position.
Cleaning of rooms, waxing of floors and carpet shampooing has been completed. Final dusting and window cleaning to be done in August.
Carpet has been added to the special education room.
In her superintendentís report Forsmann noted they still donít have a music teacher. If anyone has any ideas or leads to finding one, input would be appreciated.
She also reported they received a $6,000 grant form the Nez Perce Tribe to pay for skills and Clinical Nurses for the Region II Academy for the 2019-2020 school year.
Jon Rehder reported Shane Chapman is doing a great job on paintings in the gym (see photos on page 8). Damian and Jake Forsman installed new plexiglass in front of the upper level bleachers.
Laurie Lorentz is doing a great job of cleaning the building as she works around the heating construction.
Rehder said heís continuing to work on passes for home games. He will have something in the Chronicle in the next few weeks. Heís looking at offering senior passes, K-6 passes, Adult passes and family passes.
The meeting adjourned at 8:06 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, August 19 at 7 p.m.

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