Greencreek 4th of July Celebration photos

Bingo was just getting started with Joe Baerlocher as the caller and Adam Forsmann selling bingo cards.

The old Kiddie-Car merry-go-round is still popular with the youngsters.

Austin Sonnen drives a trainload full of youngsters.

The little merry-go-round is enjoyed by a couple of young ones.

Several youngsters enjoy the bouncy house. Most appear to be Andy and Molly Terhaar's kids.

The first race of the day in Street Sports had a good crowd of youngsters.

A couple of pairs of contestants in the 3-legged race.

It looks like a close battle in the wheelbarrow race.

In the adult wheelbarrow race there were a few blowouts including the pair in the foreground that were leading at the time allowing Phil Nuxoll (orange shirt) and his son to win.

A couple of young ladies wound up on the wrong end when their eggs decided to come apart.

A couple of youngsters go at it in the sumo suits.

The day closed out with the annual auction with auctioneer John Schumacher in the middle with spotters Austin Sonnen and Don Schumacher to the left and Aaron Hinkelman at right.

Everybody actually won in this race as they each got a free beer for participating.







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