Idaho County Shootout set for Dec. 4
The Annual Idaho County Shootout, sponsored by the Idaho County Sherriff’s Department is set for Friday, December 4th at 6:00 p.m. at Prairie High School and will feature the Prairie and Grangeville boys and girls basketball teams.
The purpose of this event is to promote “sportsmanship” and build community spirit between the two schools.  All the money and food that comes from this event will be donated to the local food banks in each of the respected communities.  This is a yearly event and will be a combined effort between the two schools.
There will be a variety of fun activities included in the Shootout evening:  
Each school will hang sold Spirit Basketballs.  The combined dollar donated by both communities will be announced at the third quarter of the final game.  Basketballs can be purchased for $1.00, and your name will appear on the basketball and they will be hung in the gym on the night of the shootout.  If you would like to purchase a spirit basketball please contact your local school to help out.
Dodgeball:  Students from both schools will combine to challenge staff from both schools in a dodgeball game.  The winner of the game will challenge Law Enforcement to determine the overall dodgeball winner.
“Minute to Win It” games will be played between the two schools.  
A traveling trophy will be awarded to the team that wins the games on Friday night.  If there is a tie, we will look to the JV games to break the tie.  
Both schools will gather donated food in grades K-12 and from the community.  All food donations will stay in their respected community to be donated to their local food bank.  However, the total number of cans donated between both schools will be announced during the third quarter of the final game.  
Canned food may be donated at the door of the game.  If you bring a canned food item to the game, we will take $1.00 off the admission price for the game.  Also, food can be donated at the schools, or at either Riener’s Grocery or Cottonwood Foods.  
Each school will decorate their half of the gym with posters and the Spirit Basketballs to show their school pride.  In addition, you are encouraged to wear schools colors for this event.  
There will be a dance after the game for Prairie and Grangeville students sponsored by the PHS HOSA group.  The dance will be held at the PHS Cafeteria and will conclude at 11:30 p.m.  Admission into the dance is $5.00 per person.  
Please come out and support your local schools on Friday, December 4th as both of these schools work to help feed the hungry in their respective communities. 

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