School Board meets
The school board held their regular November meeting Monday, Nov. 17.
With an otherwise light agenda they asked all the teachers that have joined the staff in the past two years to come meet the board members. 
Those new staff members were Gloria Funke, Tori DeCaria, Suzi Quintal, Todd Nygaard, Jennifer Spears, Don Curry, Janine Wilson and Julie Schumacher.
Each was asked to introduce themselves and tell a little bit about themselves. The board members then reciprocated, introducing themselves to the new staff.
After that was done Curry informed the board he is going to be applying for some ag program grant money and would need board approval of his advisory board members. The board put that on the agenda for the December meeting.
The only other main agenda item was to discuss the Idaho School Board Association meeting held in Boise last week. Superintendent Rene’ Forsmann talked about attending a meeting on the tiered licensing program. Several modifications were eventually made with some requirements dropped down to optional items and some portions removed. It now goes on to the legislature.
She also discussed the broadband contract that is facing a court dispute. It is a concern for the Cottonwood District because that is their only Internet access. For some other schools, the only way they can cover credit for some graduation required classes is through distance learning. She said Tom Luna informed them that it will stay up and running as it goes through the court system.
Tara Klapprich was the only board member able to attend and she said she attended several seminars. One was on improving public input. Another was on the IDLA and dual credit classes and another was on the ISAT. In the ISAT class the concern was over what kind of questions will be on it. A review board will be made up of teachers, citizens and administrators.
In the facilities update Forsmann said she, Jake Forsmann and Dave Shears met with the Idaho Transportation Department regarding and entry off of the business loop into the football field. Initially this would be for the BLM to use for their vehicles as their new office facility is built. After that the district is looking into putting in a bus shed. At this point they are waiting to hear back from the ITD.
She said she also met with Steve Gill of the state Division of Environmental Quality about the next phase in the abatement process in the old Elementary. During that meeting they also discussed a comprehensive look at a plan for the football field and possibilities of grants to help fund the project of adding a track and walking trails and making the area more community accessible.
She also met with the Technical Advisory Group in Grangeville and started work on a strategic plan for the proposed technical school that could be housed in the old Elementary building.
In the administrative reports Forsmann talked about their trip to Washington D.C. to receive the Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award. They received a flag and a large plaque. She said she would like to see recognition on a sign next to the state champion sign at the entrance to town.
She reported the Halloween Science Spooktacular was a success with about 100 people attending. 
Parent-teacher conferences were very well attended.
She said the Idaho County Commissioners approved their request to send both 5th and 6th graders to the McCall Outdoor Science School and do it every other year as opposed to the 6th grade only and every year.
Carrie Nygaard had a lengthy report starting off with a thank you to the Booster Club for their donation to the athletic department. 
She said the Veterans Day program was very well attended and well received. 
She congratulated the volleyball team on their state championship.
She also noted that the football team has been awarded as Academic Champions. That award will be presented prior to the State Championship game on Friday.
Parent-teacher conferences went well.
Girls Basketball has started with their first game on the 18th. Junior High boys basketball is also going with games starting last week.
The meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Dec. 15 at 5:30 p.m.

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