Whatsoever Things Are True
by Dan Coburn
Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
Last week we met a couple of un-assuming characters by the names of Barb and Arnold. Barb you will remember has the Gift of Mercy, while Arnold, the Gift of Administration.  We saw a big rift develop between our heroes as Barb wanted the Church to immediately fill a need in the community with Church funds over which Arnold had been commissioned responsibility. 
Arnold was desirous of helping as well, but was constrained by the parameters governing his distribution of said funds.  All hell broke loose. It shouldn't be thus, but neither was able or willing to understand the gifting of the other, and thus the motivation for their actions.  
We learned that this chasm spills over to all, as we are all "members one of another". Sad state of affairs right?  Now I should like to do something I haven't done in 14 years. 
I'm going to turn the Un-Spiritual Switch.  This country, Your country is split right down the middle. The bitter spirit is palpable, and everywhere you go. The principals can be divided into but two camps, much like Barb and Arnold.  The Barbs of the world (God bless em), want everyone to enjoy or have available, the same privileges they do w/out regard to consequence, venue or cost. The Arnolds meanwhile, believe in Law and order first and foremost. They want equality in that all should operate under the same rules. Voter ID to them is a no brainer.  "How" they might exclaim "can a non American vote in an American election?".  It isn't motivated by race as Barb claims, it's simply Law and order. Arnold isn't anti-immigration, he is anti "illegal immigration".  It isn't the racism Barb claims as she espouses: "Have you no heart? these are people!  You must be a bigot!" In her heart of hearts, she has no compassion nor understanding for Arnold who also goes crazy at the thought of Sanctuary Cities. "What? A place to harbor folks who have broken the law? What's next?" Arnold cries out in desperation; "Absent law and order, we are doomed".  
Barb doesn't believe this country to be any more exceptional than any other country. "We're all just people at the end of the day" she might exclaim. Arnold meanwhile, recalls how we defeated Germany and helped rebuild her. So also Japan, both of which are staunch allies.  No other country on earth has done, built and aided as we have and do, and if we assimilate into the rest of the world, we will be in no position to help anyone.  Barb thinks this racist and selfish. Arnold knows full well we are a melting pot, but a melting pot of folks who wanted at all cost to be Americans.  Not so much anymore. Arnold sees this coming; Barb doesn't care. There's the rub, with mounting hatred on both sides. I fear in my heart of hearts, it will get brutally ugly before it gets resolved. 
Nugget: From Jesus' perspective, it isn't falling apart; it's falling into place. Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly. 

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