People's March is held at Grangeville
Approximately 60 people from young children to people in their 90’s gathered for the 2nd annual People’s March last Saturday.  
The theme of “What are you doing for others?”  in the spirit of Martin Luther King junior’s message of acceptance of people. The event, held at the Veteran’s Outreach and Community Center, included sign-making, a march on the sidewalks of downtown Grangeville, a potluck lunch and three speakers addressing human trafficking, contributions of millennials and a local businessman’s immigrant experience. Carla Wilkins of the LCSC Grangeville Outreach organized the event with Norma Staaf and Michelle Perdue. 

Approximately 60 people braved the chilly conditions this past Saturday for the 2nd Annual People’s March in Grangeville. Photos by Virginia Lynn of Harpster.

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