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The start of a new school year.   There is something great about those words.   To me it’s the opportunity to see young people show growth and confidence.   I think teachers are very lucky people in getting to see these kids accomplish tasks and learn new things.   As a coach and hopefully speaking for other coaches, there is nothing better than that moment when one of your athletes has a light bulb moment.   A moment when they realize that they can achieve more than they thought they could.   In Cross Country at the start of the season 3 miles seems daunting.   At the end of the season 3 miles seems like a walk in the park.   As a coach I hope they can take that lesson on into everyday life.   If you work for it, you can achieve it.
Which brings me to my main subject of the day.  The Prairie Booster Club.   An organization that has had great impact on our schools for many years.   Let’s just say that a lot of time, talent and treasure have been put into this organization to bring in dollars and build a better learning and sporting environment to our schools.   I greatly appreciate all the great community members who started, worked for years or who are now diligently trying to carry on the tradition.   I also appreciate all of those who carry on our booster work by rooting for and supporting our teams.    So many people and businesses continue to support our efforts through financial membership.   To all of you, I say Arrrgh Matties and thanks.    To anyone who would like to still join the ranks, a donation to the booster club of $25 or more, gets you a year’s membership.   Contact Denise Uhlenkott at the Prairie Schools to get on the Booster list.  
Our fall sports teams are off to good starts and as we continue into the late part of the season Football, Volleyball and Cross Country are in the chase to get teams or individuals to State.   Junior High teams are playing well and as always, our fans are top notch.   Maybe a little spoiled but all the same great fans.  If you are one of those fans who doesn’t have enough Pirate gear, we can help with that also.   We have some gear; we also have sites you can chase your own or the school has some capabilities for making cool pirate gear.   We still have stadium seats for $55, but not many in stock currently.  
If you are one of those boosters who would like to become involved, we are in need of reinforcements.   Help cook and sell burgers at the Burger barn.   Help plan fun events like the poker run, or kickball tournaments.    Many other things could happen with a few more bodies to make it happen.   If you are interested, please look up or booster meetings or talk to either me, Denise Uhlenkott, Cara Uhlenkott or Linda Nida.    We are still in the game but would love to have some new enthusiasm. Speaking of enthusiasm,  congratulations goes out to Gus Hoene as our 20-21 school year “ Number One Fan”.     It’s always good being a Pirate!!  
As always, Go Pirates.  
Glenn Poxleitner











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