Prairie Jr./Sr. High School Supply lists for 2019-2020
7th & 8th  GRADE SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST 2019-2020
Trapper Keeper or Binder–required
3 pkg Straight edge college ruled notebook paper
1 folder for teen living 7th grade
Single subject notebook for 7th and 8th grade science
Ear buds for science and technology
Graph paper composition book for 7th and 8th grade math A MUST!
Set of 4 highlighters 
Pencil pouch
1 inch binder with dividers for 7th grade Language Arts
1 folder for 7th gr LA
1 folder for 7th gr Math
1 folder for 8th gr Math 
Black or blue pens
Red pens
Pencils – if mechanical then bring lead
Colored Pencils required
1 set Markers required
Scientific calculator 
Clean P.E. shoes
P.E. Uniform (purchase from the school office)
1 Ream white copy paper
6 cloth book covers (optional)
Kleenex (large box)
Daily Planner Highly recommended!
Prairie High School Supply list 19-20
*All students should have:
· A calendar/date planner
· College-ruled notebooks/paper
· Pens/pencils
· Highlighters
· Earbuds
Matt Elven – Algebra
Graph paper composition notebook
Scientific calculator; Pencils
Loose-leaf notebook paper and binder (does not have to be a separate math binder)
Matt Elven – Geometry
Graph paper composition notebook
Scientific calculator
Loose-leaf notebook paper and binder (does not have to be a separate math binder)
Liz Mcleod - Science
6 pack of gel pens
The same scientific calculator they need for math
Roll of paper towels
*1 inch 3 ring binder
Package of index cards
Art Appreciation – Shane Chapman
Darbie Duclos - Math
One and half inch 3 ring binder
Section dividers
Lined paper
Graph paper
Scientific calculator
AAA batteries, pkg of 4 (for Algebra 2, Pre-Cal, Calculus and Statistics) 
Note:  Do NOT need a composition notebook
Darbie Duclos-Chemistry
3-Ring binder
2 Rolls of paper towels
Ponytail holder for those with long hair (to be kept at school) 
David Young – English
Spiral notebook
3 x 5 and 5 x 8 notecards
Emily Cash-English
Note Cards
Emily Cash –Speech
3 Ring “View” binder w/clear overlays on the front, back and spine (to insert labels)
Section dividers
Note cards
High School PE
Gym Shorts/sweats
Gym Shirt 
PE Shoes
Della Gehring-Sewing
Large scissors to cut material
Small scissors for cutting thread
Seam ripper
Box of long sewing pins (stick pins) with colored heads 
60” tape measure
Seam gauge
Package of large safety pins (50 count) for pinning quilts
Thread-large spools of white and black, grey or cream are also good colors
Box or tote to keep sewing supplies in

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