The LCSC Report
By:  Carla Wilkins
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Painting Outdated Countertops
Tues. April 2nd; 6-8PM - Registration closes March 25th!
By: Myja Mahoney; Cost: $40
In Grangeville
In this hands-on class, students will bring different textured rags, sponges, a makeup brush, courage, and imagination to make an old countertop look like granite, stone or marble. The instructor provides a primered surface for each student, as well as paint, mineral makeup, feathers, and other items to teach how using different products and tools can change the look of your project. She also talks about hard topcoats for chipping prevention. Prepare to be creative and have fun!  
Risk Reduction for Business
Wed. April 3rd; 8:30-Noon
By: An Attorney, insurance agent & the SBDC; Cost: $25
In Grangeville
Learn how to reduce your business risk in a morning discussion with three experts. Attorney Joe Wright will talk about risk control, entities, contracts, lawsuits, and employee risk. Insurance agent Cathy Jo Witters will discuss protection, cybercrime, safety and employee handbooks. Finally, Barbara Leachman of the Small Business Development Center will lecture on embezzlement, accounting controls, collection, credit, cash flow and how good accounting reports can help reduce risk.
Monastery Tour
Sat. April 6th; 9:30am1pm
By: Sr. Carol Ann Wassmuth; Cost: $38
At Monastery of St. Gertrude
Take a tour of the beautiful Monastery of St. Gertrude and their new Spirit Center. Learn how the Sisters operate, the rules under which they live, and other interesting facts. At the end of this two hour tour, youll enjoy lunch with the Sisters at noon in the Monastery dining room. This is a great tour to help you gather facts and stories that you can tell to your out-of-town guests as you show them the landmarks of the beautiful camas prairie.
Learn to Dance:  Nightclub
Two Tuesdays, April 9th & 16th; 6:30-8pm
By: Jeff & Carla Wilkins; Cost: $30/couple
In Grangeville
Put on your smooth soled shoes and learn a beautiful partner dance that can be danced to all types of music, fast or slow. The class concentrates on four basic patterns, with plenty of practice time over two evenings, so you aren't overwhelmed. Must register as a couple.
Google Docs
Wed. April 10th; 6-8pm
By: Elijah Zeida; Cost: $35
In Grangeville
Simplify your life by learning Google Docs so you can access your work product from anywhere! This class will teach you the basics of Google docs, how to use it on a mobile device as well as your PC, and some tips and tricks! Learn how to edit documents, work with images & tables, how to collaborate and share your docs.
Herbal Salves
Sat. April 13th; 9am2:30pm
By: Sr. Agnes & Sr. Carlotta; Cost: $45
At Monastery of St. Gertrude
Learn how local herbs can enhance your health and well-being. In this hands-on class, you will make a salve, which includes a few essential oils, to take home.  Your supply fee also includes lunch with the Sisters in the monastery dining room.
Clean Your Computer
Wed. April 17th; 6-9pm
By:  Elijah Zeida; Cost $50
In Grangeville
Bring your laptop and power cord and learn how to remove malware, junk files, and fix problems that are slowing down your machine. This is a hands-on class that teaches you how to keep your laptop running at peak proficiency.

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