Students take part in dissection projects
Summit students in several grades participated in dissection projects last week ranging from cow eyes, to entire fish.  The 5th & 6th grades' project was on Tuesday.  There was much squeamishness for several days prior to the project, but in the end the students enjoyed the dissection of cows' eyes and hearts.  Sixth grader Dani Sonnen most enjoyed "cutting everything open."  The students removed and viewed the lens of the eye, which was clear and gelatinous.  It also magnified objects that were viewed through it.  5th/6th teacher Mrs. Michelle Sonnen stressed the importance of practical application which brings the concepts to life for the students.  She is grateful for the help of Mrs. Colleen Sonnen, who directed the students in their dissections.
Students in 7th & 8th grade dissected steelhead on Thursday under the direction of Miss. Kim Frei.  The fish were donated to the school by the Department of Fisheries Resources Management, part of the Nez Perce Tribe. They also donated steelhead eggs that the students have raised and will release later this month.  For the dissection, students first took a print of the fish's scales by lightly painting it and pressing paper over the paint.  They later examined the print to study the scales and exterior of the fish.  They proceeded to dissect the fish and examine the interior organs.  Samples of the gills, scales and all the interior organs were viewed under a microscope.  Seventh grade student Claira Osborne enjoyed viewing heart tissue under the microscope saying, "you could see the vessels."  Eighth grade student Jessie Sonnen liked the scales, comparing them to a fly's wing.  

Dani Sonnen and Makayla Rose look over the parts of the cow's eye. Photo by Summit Academy

Students Hailey Stubbers, Lexi Currier, Erin Chmelik and Claira Osborne open up their fish.  Photo by Summit Academy

Cody Wassmuth and Torry Chmelik check out the valves of the cow's heart.  Photo by Summit Academy

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