Summit releases honor roll
Summit Academy has released their honor roll for the 2014-15 school year with 10 students on the A honor roll.
They are Christopher Osborne, Jade Prigge, Allycia Sonnen, Jessie Sonnen, Rachel Sonnen, Cody Wassmuth, Erin Wassmuth, Lane Wassmuth, Sarah Waters and Rachel Waters.
An additional 28 students made the AB honor roll meaning they had all A’s or B’s. They are Bridget Beckman, Nathan Beckman, Noah Beckman, Torry Chmelik, Alexis Currier, Caleb Currier, Lyndsie Krogh, Tyler Krogh, Josh Lustig, Connor Nuxoll, Claira Osborne, Lucy Osborne, Kayla Rehder, Makayla Rose, Luke Schwartz, Phil Schwartz, Thomas Schwartz, Megan Seubert, Dani Sonnen, Ashlee Stubbers, Dean Stubbers, Luke Stubbers, David Wassmuth, Julie Wassmuth, Levi Wassmuth, Greta Watson and Noah Watson.
Presentations for the Honor Roll listed above were awarded at Summit Academy Awards Ceremony on June 5th.  
In addition awards were given to the students who received Presidential and National Fitness levels in the Physical Fitness Challenge.  
Appreciation gifts for the Cottonwood Police Department were presented to Officer Jason Rambo.  An appreciation gift was given to Fr. Paul for all he does in the parish and the school.  
The Justin Dempsey Memorial Scholarship was awarded for 2nd year.  The scholarship award covers registration and book fees for one student to attend Summit Academy.  The scholarship winner this year was Tyler Krogh.  
Awards were then presented by some of teachers for their particular classes.  Silverwood “Reading is the Ticket” awards were given to the students who read the required recreational reading time.  Those students receive a free pass to Silverwood Theme Park.   Hike-A-thon and teacher appreciation Awards ended the ceremony.  The students all received a root beer float because they exceeded the goal of $16,000 by collecting pledges totaling $17,641!

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