Summit seniors receive awards, scholarships
Each Summit Academy senior received several awards and some have also been awarded scholarships.
Rachel Elder Waters, Valedictorian: Basketball 2 years, Volleyball 4 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, Drama 4 years, Student Government 1 year, A Honor Roll, 80 hours of Apostolic Service Certificate. Scholarships: $4,000 Platinum Scholarship for the University of Idaho, $2,000 Scholarship for Boise State University, $6,750 Artic Education Foundation. BSU Presidential Scholarship for: $5,000. All scholarships are renewable for 4 years
Caleb Currier, Salutatorian: Drama 3 years, Basketball 3 years, A-B Honor Roll, 80 hours of Apostolic Service Certificate
Dean Stubbers: Basketball 4 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, Student Government 3 years, Drama 4 years, 80 hours of Apostolic Service Certificate. Scholarships: $1,000 Bronze Scholarship for the University of Idaho, $3,000 Opportunity Scholarship from the State of Idaho. All scholarships are renewable for 4 years
In addition, each senior also received one of the 3 senior awards that were voted on by the Summit Academy Faculty.
St. John Bosco Award:  Dean Stubbers. To the Senior who is always pleasant, in both good times and bad.  This individual always has a smile on his/her face and has good words for all occasions. This person has a constant pleasant nature. This student makes other students, staff, and guests to our school feel welcome.  This person reaches out to fellow students, teachers, and the general community to meet the needs of others and to make everyone feel welcome.
Patriot Award: Caleb Currier. To the Senior we can always rely on to work hard.  This Senior has improved throughout the years due to his/her effort and determination.  This person can be found very graciously volunteering to help out in many ways. His/her strong work ethic is a great example for all students.
Excelsior Award (the highest honor):  Rachel Elder Waters. To the overall Senior student who has grown in all four areas of formation we stress.  This student is the most balanced intellectually, spiritually, apostolically, and humanly.  For the class of 2015, this Senior sums up the “Excelsior” spirit of Summit in all he/she does. 

Rachel Waters leads the Summit class of 2016 during the Processional. Following are Caleb Currier and Dean Stubbers.

The Summit graduates were all smiles as they left the stage after receiving their diplomas.

Kim Frei was the Commencement Speaker at the Summit graduation. In her speech she didn’t want to necessarily wish success on the class, she wanted them to be happy in what they do and follow their calling from God.

Valedictorian Rachel Waters and Salutatorian Caleb Currier gave their speeches together.

Summit honor roll and awards
Summit Academy has released their honor roll for the 2015-16 school year with 11 students on the A honor roll. 
They are Connor Nuxoll, Lucy Osborne, Jade Prigge, Thomas Rose, Catherine Seubert, Ally Sonnen, Jessie Sonnen, Erin Wassmuth, Nathan Wassmuth, Rachel Waters and Sarah Waters.
An additional 22 students made the AB honor roll meaning they had all A’s or B’s. They are Bridget Beckman, Chris Chmelik, Noelle Chmelik, Patrick Chmelik, Lexi Currier, Caleb Currier, Taylor Lustig, Chris Osborne, Kayla Rehder, Makayla Rose, Youngmin Sim, Dani Sonnen, Rachel Sonnen, Hailey Stubbers, Jake Stubbers, Lauren Stubbers, Cody Wassmuth, David Wassmuth, Julia Wassmuth, Lane Wassmuth, Greta Watson, Noah Watson.
Presentations for Honor Roll were awarded at the Summit Academy Awards Ceremony held on June 4th.   
Three students maintained perfect attendance through the school year. They are Catherine Beckman, Makayla Rose, Madeline Wassmuth.
In addition awards were given to the students who received Presidential and National Fitness levels in the Physical Fitness Challenge. Those who earned Presidential Physical Fitness awards are Cecilia Remacle and Torry Chmelik.  
Honorable mentions were awarded to Jade Prigge and Jake Stubbers for being within seconds of hitting the presidential mark.  National Physical Fitness awards went to Blake Aiken, Chris Chmelik, Noelle Chmelik, Taylor Lustig, Makayla Rose, Dani Sonnen, Luke Stubbers, Cody Wassmuth, Erin Wassmuth, Levi Wassmuth, Julia Wassmuth, Nathan Wassmuth, Joseph Waters, Sarah Waters, and Greta Watson.
Mrs. Christine Dalton, 3-4th teacher received the Teacher Appreciation Award.   
The Justin Dempsey Memorial Scholarship was awarded for the 3rd year.  The scholarship award covers registration and book fees for two students to attend Summit Academy. The scholarship winners this year are Cody Wassmuth in the elementary grades and Jade Prigge in junior/high school.   
Three students earned Literacy Awards for writing a book this school year. Student authors receiving awards are Lexi Currier, Jessie Sonnen, David Wassmuth.
An art and photo contest was held during May with the theme “Mary, Queen of Heaven”.  Student, staff, family and friends were all invited to participate. Participants were asked to take a photo of their family’s May altar or draw a picture of Mary, Queen of Heaven. Those taking home awards at different age levels were: Madeline Wassmuth, Julia Wassmuth, Makayla Rose, Claira Osborne, Michelle Sonnen and Leah Prigge.  
Silverwood “Reading is the Ticket” awards were given to students who read the required recreational reading time.  32 students earned a free pass to Silverwood Theme Park by reading 10 hours prior to the deadline. 
The Tim Osborne Family and Eric Wassmuth Family received awards for outstanding achievements for the Hike-a-Thon fundraiser. All students received a root beer float because they exceeded the Hike-a-Thon goal of $17,000 by collecting pledges totaling $18,620!

Pictured are those earning A honor roll at Summit Academy. Back row from left are Ally Sonnen, Erin Wassmuth and Jessie Sonnen.  Front row from left are Thomas Rose, Connor Nuxoll, Nathan Wassmuth, Catherine Seubert and Sarah Waters. Not pictured: Rachel Waters, Lucy Osborne, Jade Prigge. Photo by Summit Academy.

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