Prize drawing winners named
Cottonwood Riding Club had its drawing on September 11th, 2016 and the prize winners are as follows:
Grand prize, Quarter Horse Colt-Alyssa Lorak
1st prize, Handmade lap quilt made by Cat Richards--Doug Fluharty
2nd prize, Handmade lap quilt made by Kily Reilly-Richards--Larry Hicks
3rd prize, Handmade quilt, The Hangout--Mark Spears
4th prize, $100 cash, Cottonwood Veterinary Service--Sonya White
5th prize, $100 cash, City Electric--Rob Anderson
6th prize, Rachet set, Partsway--Helen Rowland
7th prize, Saddle Pad, Tidwell Girls--Katz Jones
8th prize, Family Fun Gift Basket, Kevin & Shari Chaffee--Rebecca Riggle
9th prize, Gift Basket, Northwest Farm Credit--Ellea Uhlenkott
10th prize, $50.00 Cash, Jim & Judy Barger--Wanda Hallman
11th prize, $50.00 Cash, Cottonwood Livestock Auction--Nichole Long
12th prize, $50.00 Gift Certificate, Keuterville Pub & Grub--Brett Uhlenkott 
13th prize, $50.00 Cash, Ron & Heather Lightfield--Chad Bohn
14h prize, $50.00 Cash, Fred's Body shop--Keuterville Pub & Grub
15th prize, $50.00 Cash, B&R Sales & Service--Vanessa Corey
16th prize, $50.00 Cash, Seubert Excavators, INC.--Sage Olmstead 
17th prize, Avon Gift Basket-Monica Nuxoll--Yogi Page
18th prize, $30.00 Cash, Roger's Machine--Erica Turner
19th prize, $25.00 Cash, Betty Campbell--Deana Doramus
20th prize, $25.00 Cash, In Memory of Gary Campbell--Nuxoll Family
21st prize, $25.00 Cash, Tony & Geralyn Jentges--Dustin Lustig
22nd prize, $25.00 Cash, Marie Lerandeau--Rodonna's
23rd prize, $25.00 Cash, Ed & Nancy Lustig--Teresa Wallace
24th prize, $25.00 Cash, Tad & Bobbi Tidwell--Riley Jentges
25th prize, $25.00 Cash, Andy & Judy Uhlorn--Cheryl Callaway
26th prize, $25.00 Cash, Long's Auto Sales, Body Shop & Towing--Richard Vonbargen
27th prize, $25.00 Cash, Ferdinand Vet Clinic--Dot Jentges 
28th prize, $25.00 Gift Certificate, Hoene Hardware Donn & Debbie Clark--Emily Quam
29th prize, $25.00 Gift Certificate, Jitters Java Junkiez--Kellie Bruner
30th prize, 2 for 1 Steak Dinner-Trestle Brewing Company--Sherry Fanning
31st prize, 2 for 1 Steak Dinner-Trestle Brewing Company--Adeline Lustig
32nd prize, $20.00 Cash, In Memory of Teena Vonbargen--Diana Sisk
33rd prize, $20.00 Cash, In Memory of Verl & Alice Chicane--Vickie Shears.

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