More 52-Pickup winners
Drawings were held at the December 2015 and January 2016 for the 2015-2016 green card winners.  Thank you to all who participated in supporting the Knights of Columbus and our charitable works.  Here is the list of winners:
Week 7-Mike Mader, $50.00
Week 8-Karol Holthaus, $50.00
Week 9-Karol Holthaus, $50.00
Week 10-Jack Wimer, $50.00
Week 11-Ronald Sonnen, $50.00
Week 12-Dale McElroy, $200.00
Week 13-Mike Gehring, $50.00
Week 14-Chris Uptmor, $50.00
Week 15-Ed Lustig, $50.00
Week 16-Mike Gehring, $50.00
Week 17-Uhlenkott Pump Service, $50.00
Week 18-Max Nuxoll, $200.00
All the participants who were drawn should have received their winnings by now.  The new 2016-2017 beige cards are now available.  We sell a maximum of only 300 cards and draw 53 prizes.  As you can see , the odds are much better than Power Ball.  You can get a ticket from any KC member or contact Max Nuxoll, Jim Remacle, or Jimmie Steinke.  Jump in the weekly fun and help a good cause.

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