From the Police Chief
When they called my house, it was a live person who left the message.  Now they are using computer dialing, and it's the computer that you hear talking on the machine.
Recently I called the number back to inquire about the message.  They really want your home phone number and account information.  I spoke with "Billy Johnson", which is quite a different name for a middle eastern accent male.  Now, "Billy" told me he was with the IRS criminal investigation part, and that he would speak with me about my account when I provided the actual number that was called.
I refused, then identified myself as law enforcement and told him that he and I both knew it was a scam.  Surprisingly, this individual was honest, somewhat.  He stated that "Yes, it is a scam what I'm doing".  He continued to say how it was the only job he could find, needed money, etc. etc.  He also explained that he is using a "Magic Jack" to make it appear, on our caller ID, that the number he was calling from was a Seattle Washington number. According to "Billy" he was actually calling from New York.  When I asked him about other jobs there, he asked if I had relatives that could give him a job because he couldn't find any to replace the phone scam job.
In short, if you get a call from the 'IRS" stating you will be getting a warrant issued if you don't pay them, it is a scam.  Don't send money to them, and I wouldn't call them from you home number.  Refer it to Law Enforcement and let them deal with it.  

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