Summer Reading program going strong
The summer reading program at the Cottonwood Public Library is in full swing.  The first day we had 31 children attend, they learned about sea life that uses camouflage for many reasons. 
We watched a video on the Flounder Fish that can change from a sand color to a checkerboard black and white pattern. We read about the octopus, jellyfish and had fun learning poems from our “There is a Commotion in the Ocean” book. 
The second day we learned about seahorses and watched a video on a male giving birth. Some species produce 1800 babies! We have completed many fun crafts and have made some wonderful ocean themed snacks.  The children are also learning songs taught by Anna Everson a 7th grader from Prairie. 
In the next weeks we are going to dive into the coral reefs and tidal pools, we also will be studying sharks and whales.  Come and join us for an ocean of fun. June 29, 30 and July 7th from 1-3 pm.

After an afternoon of learning about sea turtles the summer reading program kids had a fun sand-cup snack during the second week of the Summer Reading Program. 

The Riener girls are all smiles showing off their seahorse and starfish crafts from the first week of Summer Reading Program. Photo by Lisa Riener.

A couple of photos of activities from the first week of the Summer Reading Program. Photos provided by Colleen Sonnen.

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