Four relays take firsts at Kendrick Invite
The Prairie boys and girls track teams each had a pair of relay wins at the Kendrick Invite Track Meet held at Lapwai Tuesday, April 9.
For the boys it was the 4x100 and 4x400 relays while the girls won the 4x200 and 4x400 relays.
T.J. Hibbard, Jesse Cronan, Brody Hasselstrom and Cole Martin made up the 4x100 team which won with a time of 48.86.
Hayden Uhlenkott, Carson Schmidt, Matt Coppernoll and John Gehring were on the winning 4x400 team with a time of 4:24.75.
Ellea Uhlenkott, Sierra McWilliams, Jordyn Higgins and Theresa Wemhoff won the 4x200 in 1:57.20 and then teamed up to win the 4x400 in 4:42.58.
Other boys results:
Schmidt placed 2nd in the shot put at 380 and 4th in the discus at 1197.
Martin placed 2nd in the long jump at 1810½. He was also 4th in the 100 in 12.40 and 4th in the 200 in 25.02.
Coppernoll placed 3rd in the discus at 1204 and 7th in the shot put at 339½.
Hibbard was 6th in the 400 in 59.98, 7th in the 1600 in 5:44.02 and 9th in the shot put at 331.
Uhlenkott was 5th in the discus at 1137 and 10th in the shot at 328½.
Hasselstrom was 7th in the 200 in 26.81, 10th in the discus at 961 and 15th in the 100 in 13.08.
William Hooper was 7th in the 800 in 2:31.29, 13th in the 400 in 1:06.67 and 13th in the 200 in 28.05.
James Villamor was 9th in the 1600 in 5:49.42, 12th in the 3200 in 12:31.39 and 16th in the 400 in 1:11.46.
Reid Uptmor was 9th in the 400 in 1:03.63, 11th in the discus at 9411 and 12th in the shot put at 318½.
Justin Lockett was 9th in the 800 in 2:43.54 and 12th in the 1600 in 6:11.76.
Cronan was 9th in the long jump at 162, 10th in the 200 in 27.71 and 15th in the discus at 876.
Zach Rambo was 10th in the 1600 in 5:53.29 and  12th in the 400 in 1:06.46.
Tyler Wemhoff was 11th in the 1600 in 5:57.86, 11th in the 3200 in 12:20.15 and 14th in the 400 in 1:09.13.
Zac Arnzen was 11th in the 400 in 1:06.03, 14th in the 200 in 28.27 and 20th in the 100 in 13.43.
Ryan Arnzen was 13th in the 1600 in 7:41.15 and 15th in the 3200 in 14:29.0.
Gehring was 17th in the discus at 821 and 24th in the 100 in 13.89.
As a team the boys placed 3rd out of 10 teams with 72 points. Genesee and Logos finished ahead of them.
Other girls results:
Uhlenkott was 2nd in the 300 hurdles in 54.13.
Ciara Chaffee was 3rd in the 3200 in 13:26.20 and 3rd in the 1600 in 6:16.18.
Erin Chmelik was 4th in the 300 hurdles in 56.24, 8th in the 100 hurdles in 22.07, 10th in the 100 in 14.48 and 13th in the long jump at 129.
Kendra Duclos was 6th in the 800 in 2:54.70 and 7th in the 1600 in 6:57.88.
Kyleigh Duclos was 6th in the 3200 in 14:47.50 and 8th in the 1600 in 6:58.22.
Halle Klapprich was 7th in the 800 in 2:55.10, 11th in the 1600 in 7:23.80 and 22nd in the 200 in 34.48.
Koleem Hasselstrom was 7th in the shot put at 276½ and 7th in te discus at 805.
Hailey Stubbers was 7th in the high jump at 310, 15th in the 400 in 1:16.81, 16th in the 100 in 15.05 and 19th in the 200 in 32.97.
Ali Rehder was 8th in the 800 in 2:57.10 and 10th in the 1600 in 7:14.08.
Emma Gehring was 9th in the discus at 779 and 10th in the shot put at 257.
CiCi Chavez was 11th in the 200 in 32.12, 11th in the 400 in 1:13.59 and 17th in the 100 in 15.06.
Jade Gehring was 18th in the 400 in 1:24.06, 22nd in the shot put at 148, 25th in the 200 in 35.85 and 26th in the discus at 498.
In the 4x100 relay the team of Uhlenkott, McWilliams, Higgins and Wemhoff placed 3rd in 55.47.
In the medley relay the team of McWilliams, Chaffee, Wemhoff and Higgins placed 3rd in 2:07.98.
As a team the girls placed 4th with 76 points with Grangeville, Orofino and Genesee finishing ahead of them.

Carson Schmidt took 2nd in the shot put.

Cole Martin took 4th in the 100.

Jesse Cronan hands off to Brody Hasselstrom in the boys winning 4x100 relay.

Jordyn Higgins hands off to Sierra McWilliams in the girls 4x100 relay.

John Gehring in the 100.

The first corner in the girls 800 race. Prairie athletes in red from left are Ali Rehder, Halle Klapprich and Kendra Duclos.

Hailey Stubbers in the 100

CiCi Chavez in the 400.

William Hooper and Justin Lockett at the start of the boys 800.

James Villamor and Tyler Wemhoff in the 3200.

Zac Arnzen in the 100 meter dash.

Reid Uptmor in the shot put.

Ryan Arnzen in the 3200.
16-Clearwater Invitational at Lapwai, 10 a.m.--cancelled
21-at Kamiah
  9-Kendrick Invite at Lapwai, 3 p.m.
13-Prairie Invitational, 10 a.m.-cancelled
16-Lapwai Invitational, 1:00 p.m.
19-Nez Perce Games at Kamiah, 3:30 p.m.
23-Kamiah Meet, 4 p.m.
27-White Pine League Championships at Kamiah, 10 a.m.
30-SE Washington Meet at Pomeroy, 3 p.m.
  2-Meet of Champions at Lewiston, 1 p.m.
10-11-Regional Meet, TBD
17-18-State, Middleton High School

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