Sue Tidwell releases book this week
As a reluctant sidekick on her husband’s hunting safari, Sue Tidwell’s adventure memoir recounts her eye-opening experiences and evolution of thought regarding hunting Africa’s exotic species. She comes to understand why legal hunting plays such a critical role in conserving the wildlife that many of us cherish from afar.
Growing up in a deer hunting family, Tidwell understood hunting’s role in American conservation. But when it came to hunting African species, she explains, “My head told me one thing but my heart asked questions.” Aren’t many species endangered? Isn’t photo-tourism a better way to protect lions and elephants? 
Her boots-on-the-ground view and relationship with those entrusted to her safety and care not only answered these questions and many more, it captured her soul and lit a fire in her gut: “I am not the same having heard the cries of the savanna. Not only their savage songs, but their cries for the world to awaken -- to understand the hard-truth needed to ensure their cries forever remain a part of wild Africa, and not just ghostly echoes from a distant past.”
Sue Tidwell is an outdoorsy adventuresome type whose life altering trip to Africa ignited a passion to share her adventure and journey of awareness with the world. Cries of the Savanna is a result of that commitment.
The book is set to be released Nov. 25 and will be available on
Book excerpts, reviews, and a link to purchase the book can be found on her website: She also has links to her Facebook page and Instagram page which include photos and more info.

“Sue Tidwell recounts her experience as she saw the complexities of African conservation and the role of hunting first-hand. Like Sue, I am not a hunter, but I respect my fellow Africans and value African wildlife. If you do, too, then join Sue for an educational adventure.” Gail Thomson, Co-director, Felines Communication and Conservation, Namibia.

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