St. Mary's/Holy Cross Dinner set for Feb. 24
It is time to look forward to the 42nd annual St. Mary’s / Holy Cross parish dinner. Ever year in February, you can count on the scents of roast beef, ham, homemade potatoes, rolls and desserts wafting from the Keuterville Hall. This year the tradition continues Sunday, February 24, 2019 from 11am to 4pm.
Keuterville is a small community with a rich history, tucked away in the foothills of Cottonwood Butte. Holy Cross Chapel was the first Catholic Church on the Camas Prairie. Building began in 1885 and finished in 1886, the first structure measuring 26 x 36 feet and 16 feet high.  Having a Catholic parish in the area enticed many Catholic German farmers to immigrate to the area from the Midwest states. 
Initially the church was a Jesuit mission called “St. Peter’s”. When the bishop at the time blessed the new building, it became “Sacred Heart Church”. In 1897, a second church was built but burned down May 1911. The same year, the dedicated parishioners built a third building, which is the current church we use today. When it came time to bless the new church, the bishop claimed there were too many Sacred Heart Churches in the diocese, and renamed the church “Holy Cross”.
In 1997 Holy Cross parish combined with St. Mary’s parish of Cottonwood, in order to share the same priest. Today, the beautiful historic building is used for weddings, funerals and special occasions throughout the year. We have been very blessed in recent years to have 7:00 Sunday evening Mass throughout the summer, starting Memorial Day and running through Labor Day. One-hundred-eight years later, Keuterville residents and other parishioners from across the Prairie enjoy using the old church. They appreciate the beauty of the antique altars which were made in Germany and shipped to Idaho. Sitting in the pews gives you a sense of a more ornate era of quality craftsmanship.
February 24th, take a Sunday drive to Keuterville. Enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the Seven Devils, meet up with some friends, play Bingo, win a raffle prize, and enjoy a homemade dinner. Your support will help maintain this charming and nostalgic structure. Keuterville is one of the hidden treasures in the rich history of Idaho County, don’t miss out! 
Sunday, Feb. 24  11am-4pm  Adults $9.00  Grades 1-6 $4.00  Kindergarten/Preschool Free

An historic photo of Keuterville with the Holy Cross Church towards the left of the photo.

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