'Treasure Island' a success
The Center For Discovery's production of Treasure Island was a huge success thanks to the generous donations from the following sponsors:  The Prairie Booster Club, Harman Agency, Fred's Body Shop, and Dale and Brandy McElroy.  We are also very thankful to the many families and businesses that donate to our raffle.  
The winners for the Center For Discovery Missoula Children's Theatre prize drawing are : Owen McIntire--100.00 donated by Jacob Riener Memorial, Helen Rowland-100.00 donate by Livewire Electric, Wayne Wilson--50.00 donated by Camas Prairie Storage, Laurie Karel--50.00 donated by Joe and Kathy Kuther, Amanda Cronan--50.00 donated by Dan and Leslie McIntire, Teresa--50.00 donated by Heather Lightfield, Becky Higgins--50.00 gift certificate to Riener's Grocery donated by Brad and AllasonZ enner, Kendra Duclos--Pampered Chef (Brent and Tara Rowland), Megan Blakeslee Rambo--March Madness (Tony and Kim Schumacher), Oliver Hinman--Essential Oil (Joe and Jamie VonBargen), Helen Rowland--fishing basket (Greg and Colleen Sonnen), Frank and Pam McIntire--Rainy Day Basket (Tom and Liz McLeod), Ryan Uhlenkott--Usborne and 31 Bags (Mike and Aleana Lockart), Harlee Brannan---Huckleberry Basket (Greg and Colleen Sonnen), Becky Higgins---Mystery Tote of Goodies (Todd and Amanda Holcomb), Beka Schumacher--50.00 Shaun and Lisa Riener, Jill Seubert--Game Night Basket (Mike and Suzi Quintal), Frank and Pam McIntire--Jean Quilt, Rod and Donna Quick--BSU Blanket (Hangout), and Katie Remacle--Tie Quilt. Thank you to all who donated prizes and bought tickets. We appreciate you so much.
It takes a village to have MCT come to town.  We are so appreciative of all of you that helped with the all the tasks.  Thank you to St. Gertrude's Monastery for housing our actors.  A huge thank you to the community members that help with the clean up after the production.  We are so lucky to raise our kids in this community because everyone is so supportive.

Above are some photos of the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Treasure Island provided by Erin Shears. The top photo shows the Seagulls. The middle photso shows Laney Forsmann and Chloe Rowland. The bottom photo shows Lizzie Severns, Isabella Walsh, Ember Martin and Taylor Riener. Photos by Erin Shears. 

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