Summit Academy turned into fire command center
Summit Academy has been turned into the command post for the “Highrange” Fire in the Getta Creek area of Joseph Plains.
The fire was started by lightning on August 3 and had reached 4,748 acres by Monday evening with 75% containment. There are 357 total personnel fighting this fire with 8 crews, 18 fire engines, 2 dozers, 3 water tenders, 2 skidgens and 2 helicopters. 30 structures are threatened with 3 lost to the fire. One shed was lost in the Getta Creek area with 2 secondary buildings lost in the 4th of July Springs area.
Firefighters are from all over the country. The public information officer is from North Dakota and said this is his way of paying forward for the help others gave his state when they had flooding.
The command post manages the fire and also acts as a supply station for the firefighting crews. Managing the fire also includes cost management. They will pretty much spend what’s necessary to save human lives with property next on the priority list.
A much larger fire in the area is the “Big Cougar” Fire which has engulfed 65,200 acres in southern Nez Perce County covering the county from the Snake River to Deep Creek, which makes up the border between Nez Perce and Idaho Counties. Highland School in Craigmont has been turned into the command post for this fire.
As of Tuesday morning it was 70% contained. 200 structures have been threatened with 9 structures lost. There are 408 firefighters involved in 11 crews with 5 helicopters, 11 fire engines, 5 dozers 2 jet boats and support personnel.
According to press releases the smoke hanging in the area Monday was from the Johnson Bar Fire that is burning in heavy timber about 5 miles from Lowell.
The Johnson Bar fire is one of several fires in the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest. It is the largest at approximately 2550 acres with 0% containment as of Monday evening. They have 2 Type 1 crews and 6 Type 2 crews fighting this fire with 10 engines, 4 helicopters, 4 dozers, 4 skidders, 3 excavators and 6 feller/bunchers on the fire with 331 total personnel.
There were also several smaller fires in the National Forest with most of those pretty well contained.

Summit Academy has been turned into the command center for the Highrange Fire over on Joseph Plains. The top photo shows the tents and vehicles to the west of the school. Normally you would be able to see Cottonwood Butte in the background but the smoke in the area pretty much hazes it out. The second photo shows the supply area to the north of the gym. The third photo shows more tents set up in the playground area and the bottom photo shows the portable shower facility.

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